“Magic Pocket Edition” X movie “Journey to the West”, the full episode of the collaboration is on-line, not to be missed!

“If God can give me a chance to do it again, I will tell the girl that I love her. If I have to add a deadline to this love, I hope it will be 10,000 years.” Remember the classic confession on the screen 27 years ago, the once regrettable story will be rewritten now. Recently, the movie “Journey to the West” linked with “Magic Pocket Edition” released a new short video of “Journey to the West”: Zixia and Supreme Treasure traveled through the continent of Yat, and renewed the ten thousand-year contract!

The happy ending of the story is gratifying. At the same time, the high production level of the short film has detonated the discussion between fans and players – the high restoration of Zixia Fairy, the remake of the filming location, and the combination of Zixia’s real person and avatar. Brain hole innovation… The full episode of “Journey to the West” is now on the line, let’s take a look!

Youku link for the collection version of Journey to the West: https://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNTkxMDg2NzY3Mg==.html

The romantic continuation of the classic scenes is perfectly restored

In the side story, Zixia and Supreme Treasure both traveled to the continent of Yat, and continued their love affair. The short film continues the usual nonsensical style of the movie “Journey to the West”, reinterpreting the story of Zixia’s journey, adventure, and finally re-encountering with the Supreme Treasure.

The film also makes people feel the innocence and romance of Zixia through the combination of reality and reality and the humorous plot, especially the soft dance performed by the avatar of Zixia Fairy, which is beyond the interpretation of the characters in the original work, innovative It shows the other side of Zixia, which is refreshing.

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In addition to the wonderful show that will feast the eyes of all players, the game is full of sincerity!

Zixia and the Supreme Treasure have come to the continent of Yat, incarnated as the national CP Eudemons and started an adventure with you. The Eudemons Supreme Treasure is excellent in both attack and defense, and Fairy Zixia is able to control the field and reduce injuries with ease. Now log in to the game to clear the exclusive dungeons and plot missions to get it directly, and feel the great experience brought by the powerful Eudemons!

In addition, there is an awakening and upgrading of the old-fashioned professional Dark Dragon Rider, which will bring you back to your blood and become a thousand rides. Participate in the God dungeon racing competition, and have a chance to win 100,000 magic stone gifts! You will receive the fourth-order artifact, floating light magic scroll when you go online, and you will be invited to enjoy the rich benefits such as exclusive actions, permanent fashion, and appearance when you sign in!

A generation of classics has never ended, and the unparalleled love continues to write the leading edge. Pick up your mobile phone and log in to the official website of “Magic Domain Pocket Edition” to download the game. Apple users can also download the game by searching for “Magic Domain Pocket Edition” on the AppStore. The content of the hot-blooded version, the classic interpretation that beat the table, please look forward to more exciting!