“Magic Domain Pocket Edition” joins hands with intangible cultural heritage national hand shadow puppet skills to interpret the classic “Westward Journey”

“Magic Domain Pocket Edition” joins hands with intangible cultural heritage national hand shadow puppet skills to interpret the classic “Westward Journey”

“Magic Pocket Edition” is linked to the movie “Journey to the West”, and the new expansion has been released for public beta. When the players were still immersed in the satisfaction of the happy ending for the national CP, the Zixia Fairy and the Supreme Treasure, “Devil Pocket Edition” gave an extra gift of feelings – “Devil Pocket Edition” joined hands with the national level Wang Tianwen, the representative inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage project (Shaanxi Huaxian Shadow Play) and a master of Chinese arts and crafts, re-interprets the story of Zixia and Supreme Treasure after they came to the Demon World with shadow puppet skills! Shadow puppet documentaries and shadow puppet animations will soon meet with players. For more exciting content, pay attention to the official public account and video account of “Magic Pocket Edition” for a quick look!

Games x Movies x Intangible Cultural Heritage! The Trinity Interprets Cultural Feelings

A curtain, a light source, several shadow puppets, combined with superb manipulation skills and singing tunes, are enough to interpret a gripping story – this is the unique artistic charm of my country’s intangible cultural heritage “shadow puppet play”. And what kind of chemical reaction will occur when shadow puppet art meets the story of “Journey to the West”? – “Magic Pocket Edition” invites Master Wang Tianwen, the first person in Chinese contemporary shadow puppet art to cooperate, personally participate in the image design of shadow puppets, and through the screen and Animations are presented in two forms. Familiar images are vividly displayed through the master’s ingenious craftsmanship, and the exquisite shadow puppets are as vivid as they come to life. In particular, the images of Zixia and Zou Zunbao designed by Master Wang Tianwen break out of the traditional shadow puppet image paradigm, adopting a more elegant style of long robe sleeves, with a distinctive and agile color between the eyebrows and eyes, allowing players in this linked version, Meet a different fairy tale romance!

In addition to the Supreme Treasure and the Zixia Fairy, this work also integrates the movie world and the demon world, adding classic elements familiar to many players: how the Supreme Treasure and Zixia Fairy unexpectedly descended from the Westward Journey world to the Att continent. ?Will the scene of the Bull Demon King robbing relatives be staged again? How will the characters such as warriors, mages, and dudu perform?

“Magic Domain Pocket Edition” uses intangible cultural heritage techniques to perform a new interpretation of classic stories, hoping to bring players a refreshing visual enjoyment, feel the profound charm of intangible cultural heritage art, and also hope to awaken players’ hearts in cross-dimensional spiritual exchanges. The feeling and emotion of the big classic IP.

New Expansion Exciting and Continuous Gifts and Welfare

In addition to feeling and moving, the launch of the new expansion pack of “Magic Pocket Edition” has brought blood and surprises!

With the launch of the new expansion pack, the popularity of the national CPs of Supreme Treasure and Fairy Zixia has heated up again, but this time it has nothing to do with love, and only relies on strength to speak: The Huge Beast Supreme Treasure is invincible with the Ruyi Golden Hoop, and the Golden Armor is released. , The hair avatars reduce injuries, and they are good at offense and defense; Fairy Zixia, a magical beast, has fixed body control, shields to reduce injuries, and the blessing of magic weapons is not fearful. The two super PK exclusive pet beast eggs can be obtained directly by clearing the exclusive dungeon plot quest. You can also change the regrettable ending in the movie in the dungeon to witness the perfect love between the supreme treasure and Zixia.

At the same time, the awakening of the old-fashioned professional Dark Dragon Knight also upgrades the feelings and blood: the new mechanism of the battle posture switch, the offensive posture strengthens the output, and the flying control field; the defensive posture is powerful group protection, and the team can survive without worry. It can be said to be able to resist and fight against the heroes, and the C position in team battles is well-deserved!

In addition, a series of welfare activities are not to be missed: if you sign in consecutively, you will receive 4th-level top-grade artifacts, permanent fashion, phantoms, etc. to develop gifts; dungeon customs clearance to collect fragments, exchange for Zixia, Supreme Treasure and pets, and points can also be exchanged 4th-order step-up stone, Tears of God’s Prayer and other enhancement props; open the battle order and accumulate the battle order value, and you can also get rich accessories such as the back decoration, the moonlight treasure box, the pet, the demon king, and the costumes of the Zixia fairy and the supreme treasure. Great gift; there is also the “Voice of the Devil” dubbing contest, you can get commemorative avatars and exclusive titles and other courtesy by participating, and you will have a chance to win fancy prizes such as wireless mechanical keyboards, Xingyao gift boxes and water cups, and rare fashions!

The national CP came to Yatland, and the non-legacy blessing interprets a generation of classics. Quickly pick up your mobile phone and log in to the official website of “Magic Domain Pocket Edition” to download the game. Apple users can also download the game by searching for “Magic Domain Pocket Edition” on the AppStore. The content of the hot-blooded version, the intangible cultural heritage art full of feelings, and many wonderful things are presented to you one by one!