“Magic Domain Mobile Games” Cross-Server Family Battle & Anniversary Celebration Final Ceremony is coming tonight

After many days of fierce battles, we are finally going to usher in the final ceremony of the cross-server family battle and anniversary celebration of “Demon Domain Mobile Games”!

Unprecedented luxury benefits, beautiful and moving girl groups, and intense cross-server family battle finals, please lock in the official live broadcast room of “Magic World Mobile Games” Douyin at 20:00 on October 18th, and ignite the 5th anniversary carnival together Live Night!

The girl group dances its anniversary to watch the live broadcast to win gifts

In the live broadcast of the fifth anniversary ceremony on October 18, three hot girl groups came to the scene hand in hand, showing off their enchanting dances, and interacting with you in the whole process, which is wonderful~

The fifth anniversary of the carnival, win the anniversary koi! There will be a lot of benefits on the live broadcast, and the massive genuine surrounding gifts will be distributed non-stop, and there will be a lottery of the anniversary koi value prize in kind, Huawei p50pro mobile phone, iPhone14 and other high The valuable real prizes will be drawn and given out online, and the whole people will witness the birth of Ouhuang!

2023 version content release invites you to create a new future

“Magic Domain Mobile Games” celebrates its fifth anniversary, pinching your fingers, a lot of major events have happened in five years, and the Chosen One has also followed the update of the version to an unprecedented height!

In the upcoming live broadcast of the 5th anniversary ceremony, we will bring you the content release of the 2023 version. Career Awakening? Year of the Rabbit? What future versions are expected? Everything will be live on the 10.18 live broadcast night.

Witness the birth of the champion and watch the game with Observer 2.0

We are still familiar with the professional host Wang Zijin, and the popular anchor “President” will come to the live broadcast site, bringing live broadcast benefits to the gods and explaining the whole exciting event!

This live broadcast will also adopt the heavily upgraded Observer Mode 2.0, which will not only allow the Chosen Ones to accurately and clearly watch the battle situation from the perspective of God, but also have the function of watching the battle from the first perspective, and the experience will be directly full!

In addition to displaying basic information such as the character’s HP, family, occupation, etc., all the important information of the game, such as the number of heads defeated, the number of occupied totems, the number of defeated bosses, and family points, are all added, and the game information can be easily updated in real time!

The above is the preview information of this “Magic World Mobile Games” related event celebration, we will see you soon!