Machine fan quick report: Sony PS5 discontinued? | “COD19” Simplified Chinese translation: I will really thank you

[PS5 discontinued? Sony clarifies: the discontinued production is the old model, the PS5 on sale will not be affected]

Today, “PS5 discontinued” appeared on the hot search of Japanese Twitter. This rumor came from an email sent by Amazon Japan today. The email mentioned that the old PS5 had been discontinued, but it was misrepresented.

At present, Sony SIE has also responded to this, confirming that the discontinuation is only for the old version of the CFI-1100 model, and the CFI-1200 model PS5 currently on sale will not be affected in any way.

[“Call of Duty 19: Modern Warfare 2” simplified Chinese translation was complained: I will really thank you]

The story campaign of “Call of Duty 19: Modern Warfare 2” has been unlocked at 1 am today, and pre-order players can play a week in advance, but there are many outrageous translations in this Jane: I will really thank you, Nong Zexiao Like, Maja Fake and so on. It has been criticized by some players: it is too Internet buzzwords, and it is too terrifying.

[“Resident Evil 4: Remake” Steam pre-order price ¥348|¥398]

Today, Capcom’s “Resident Evil 4: Remastered Edition” released the Steam store page and opened pre-orders. The standard version of the game is priced at ¥348, and the deluxe version is priced at ¥398. It is expected to be released in March 2023. Released on the 24th.

game introduction:

The thrill of successfully escaping and defeating death. Six years after the unprecedented biochemical disaster “Raccoon City Incident”… Leon Scott Kennedy, a special agent, is sent to rescue the kidnapped President’s daughter. Leon has stepped into a land dominated by “madness”, and his ending will be… A harsh rescue drama where life and death, horror and emotion are instantly intertwined is about to begin. Reborn as a new survival horror experience with intuitive controls and updated graphics, as well as a reimagined story.

Some screenshots:

【The Steam version of “Persona 5 Royal Edition” has “rave reviews” 】

Today, the Steam version of Persona 5 Royal Edition is officially unlocked. The price in the Steam country is ¥329. At present, the overall evaluation on the Steam platform is “very positive”, with a positive rate of 98%. The players who started have given extremely high comments, “P5 is the best in the world!”