LV presbyopia has become the king of cost performance!

Didn’t I write an article last week about “what big brand bags can you buy with 1 w now?” The LV old flower that did not appear in the content…

I really did not expect that the LV, which once had to work hard to own it, one day broke through the siege and became the “King of Cost-effectiveness” among the big brands. It seems that the environment has created not only people, but also bags.

When the opponents are all fighting for the price to show their identity, only Lao Hua silently guards his one-acre and three-point land. Although the price is also adjusted, compared to the sudden adjustment of three or four thousand at a time, I will be calm and calm. One thousand, and resolutely not breaking 2 until the end, a gesture of “the girls’ dream bags are guarded by me” . (Conscience of the industry!)

LV Neverfull Medium Price Increase History

LV nano Speedy price increase history

LV three-in-one price increase history

Spending 1 w in other brands may only have a small waste bag, but what I bought at LV is a real serious old flower bag. Moreover, the presbyopia is the facade element that can best represent the brand. When people see it, they think of LV, and they can think of the history and culture of the brand.

Of course, the spiritual level is for senior fans of the brand. For ordinary consumers, the original intention of buying LV presbyopia is because of its strong functionality and high cost performance . In a period of unsatisfactory economic environment, it is in line with the current people’s psychology of buying a bag to have a bag to meet the needs of daily life, and it is best to use it for a long time.

Since the establishment of the brand, LV has launched the monogram king fried bag almost every year, such as Dauphine, Papillon and Loop, Carryall in recent years, and the big boss of this autumn and winter must be the Pochette Metis (Messenger bag).

We can no longer be familiar with the messenger bag. It can be called the “Internet celebrity originator” of the LV family. It was released in 2014 and is still hot. After a lapse of 8 years, taking advantage of the trend of underarm bags and people’s pursuit of practicality, LV launched the East West model without crowd restrictions for the first time. At present, it is in a state of “blooming everywhere” on social media, and everyone’s feedback is almost always “it is a big-name bag with no shortcomings”, as long as it is bought, it becomes a quack.


The detachable shoulder straps and chain allow it to be carried in a variety of ways, unconditionally suitable for many occasions. The width of the 21cm bag is moderate, and the items that girls need to carry when they go out can be easily afforded.

From @ pickled egg in Germany on bag capacity evaluation

The messenger bag launched a very small small waste bag this spring and summer. We also planted grass for you at the first time. For the price comparison and the size comparison of the three sizes, you can refer to the following picture:

The messenger bag that has mastered the flow code of retro style has another more high-profile Passy in LV. In addition to the old flower pattern, it also has a large enamel logo as the opening and closing of the bag. Added advanced properties.

The yin-yang combination design of leather shoulder straps and metal chains is also its eye-catching feature, which breaks the “serious” impression of presbyopia.

The girls’ enthusiasm for it is no less than the Metis chain messenger bag,

Earlier I mentioned the inherent feeling of presbyopia – serious and rigid. A large part of the reason for this is due to its color matching and tolerance for different age groups. Designers will naturally not stop at “classic”. Nicolas’s innovation is obvious to all. Even “traditional” old flowers can be played with flowers. For example, the plush series launched in autumn and winter of 19 almost swept the year’s Fashion ring,

Three years later, he once again met the public’s expectations for a warm winter. Different from the previous full plush design, this time the classic bag was “changed” on the basis of old-fashioned canvas. Due to the difference in the use of materials, the price has also dropped by a grade (the original pure plush model was priced between 20,000 and 40,000):

The short handle and opening of NeoNoe BB are replaced with gentle wool, which looks gentle and girly. The area covered by wool only accounts for a small part of the body of the bag, so this bag is no longer exclusive to winter , and it is not against the law to carry it out at any time.

It has only been on the market for a few days, but a small number of girls have already got their hands, and it is pleasing to see their pictures:

There are also Diane and Locky BB affixed with wool, which are one of the presbyopia bags that girls choose the most on weekdays, but the price of these two is broken by 2, but it is completely acceptable. It’s worth the money to own a classic bag with a statement.

I also put the classic original versions of these three bags together, and the prices are really beautiful:

In addition to the regular presbyopia, the annual Christmas limited series is also recognized as a “must buy” collection. This year’s mascot Vivienne went to five cities, Chengdu, Seoul, Tokyo, New York and Paris. The biggest highlight of the series of bags is the return of “little mahjong”. Vivienne, who travels in Place Vendôme in Paris, is comfortable and comfortable. Dreaming of Paris.

The size of the small mahjong is completely no problem to put down the mobile phone of the size of the pro model, and some important documents can also be stuffed. And the pink inside may also make girls excited at a glance:

The three-in-one is also in the series, and you should be very familiar with it. Thanks to the help of Vivienne, it becomes full of vitality, and the silent winter atmosphere needs it to be adjusted.

By the way, its classic model is priced at 10,800 yuan, which means that you can get a limited edition for an extra 800 yuan. Currently on sale are New York and Tokyo series ▼

As the core soul of LV, presbyopia has a very large family, and there are many followers if you pick one out. For example, the also highly anticipated Loop Hobo is also on the shelves as scheduled, with a practical bag body and a fashionable bag shape It was in a state of being out of stock as soon as it was launched.

Other popular bags, such as Carryall, Loop and Boulogne, are also hard to find, but those who have bought presbyopia will know that it will return to fire, but as long as you wait patiently, you can wait for it, after all, the output of presbyopia is there. I will not go into details about the introduction of the bags. The old rules list is sent. The pictures are very long. It is recommended to save them for collection~

Today, I have almost counted the most cost-effective and most popular LV old flower bags on sale. It has been 126 years since the birth of the monogram presbyopia element in 1896, but no matter how the fashion changes, it has an important place. Many people will definitely consider presbyopia when they don’t know what bag to buy. Designers can design corresponding styles according to the changes in fashion and the environment. In this regard, I think presbyopia is worthy of being loved.