Lucky Guide! During Mercury retrograde, these constellations will be transshipped!

The last time of Mercury retrograde in 2023 will continue until 2023, and we have crossed into the Year of the Rabbit together. So, how to transport bad luck away and let good luck stay during Mercury retrograde? Follow me to take an inventory and see, who are the zodiac signs that can transfer luck!


Although this Mercury retrograde will have a certain impact on the Sagittarius, the Sagittarius does not need to worry too much. Mercury retrograde will cause more or less difficult and difficult things to happen in other constellations, but for Sagittarius, this time Mercury retrograde has taught Sagittarius how to understand themselves more comprehensively, and it can also be said to realize the personal growth of Sagittarius , in the coming year, Sagittarius will also have a more mature and standard way to look at their own behavior, and there will be new trends in all aspects.


Mercury retrograde this time is actually better for Scorpio. The problems that Scorpio needs to reflect and sort out in the near future can be quickly reflected during this period, so that Scorpio can know the seriousness of the matter or the pros and cons in time, so that Scorpio can make appropriate choices from it. Make adjustments, including the way of doing things in the past, and how to adjust the problems that need to be faced in the future, so as to make yourself less troubled. Therefore, once Scorpio pays attention to it, the fortune will be reversed quickly, and Mercury retrograde cannot stop Scorpio from absorbing good luck!


In this Mercury retrograde, the impact on Gemini will actually be greater, but you have to believe that Gemini will come back against the wind! When fortunes are pushed to the brink, Gemini will stimulate their own energy and gradually reverse the development of things. It doesn’t look good, but in fact, the damage is not high. It is more about the growth and experience of Gemini in the process. Gemini can do it. Turn things around. Therefore, Gemini, don’t give up on yourself, but also make new plans for yourself, set more goals for yourself, and activate your own mobility, so that when bad things come, you will be motivated and ready to deal with them. rather than passive acceptance.