Lu Zuo Cup registration is open! The registration conditions are quite harsh, and the intensity of the duel is worth looking forward to

Speaking of Lu Zuo, I believe the audience should have an impression. In the S28 season, Lu Zuo competed for the first place in the WeChat area, thus entering the public eye and being recognized by many audiences. In the live broadcast at that time, Lu Zuo said that there would be a competition for talented teenagers. Unexpectedly, it didn’t take long before Lu Zuo had already prepared the contents of the event and publicly issued an invitation to the talented young man.

This time, the conditions for opening the registration of the Lu Zuo Cup are quite harsh. The registration is divided into two channels, one is for the team competition, and the other is for the solo competition. If you want to play in the team competition, you must be in the top 100 in the peak competition for three consecutive seasons, and you must provide screenshots. Only if you meet this standard can you participate in the team competition of the Lu Zuo Cup. If you want to participate in the solo competition, at least A single hero must have a combat power of 1.8w or more, and the latter must reach 90 tiers in order to participate.

I believe that many spectators who have the desire to participate in the competition have given up the idea of ​​participating. After all, this condition is indeed very harsh, and it is difficult for normal people to achieve. Even professional players can’t guarantee that they can be in the top 100 for three consecutive seasons. It has to be said that the high standards of the event mean that only players of the Tontine and youth training levels can participate, which also means that the intensity of the competition will be worth looking forward to.

If there are players who can participate in the Lu Zuo Cup, you can log in to Huya and search for the Lu Zuo Cup to sign up. Recently, Lu Zuo began to question the preparations of the major anchors during the live broadcast, and began to find the top anchors of Huya everywhere to ask how they were preparing. And many netizens have questioned Lu Zuo, saying, can these anchors listen to you? In the face of doubts from netizens, Lu Zuo said that the anchors have to call themselves Brother Zuo, which can be regarded as a sideways proof that his status in the anchor class is indeed very high.

In this Lu Zuo Cup, which anchor and youth training player will stand out? I believe this is also something that the audience is very curious about. After all, there are still very few games with harsh conditions like the Lu Zuo Cup. Let us look forward to the official opening of the Lu Zuo Cup!