Lu Zuo Cup prize pool exceeds one million: Lai Shen and Han Han participated in the battle for the first branch, with a professional level comparable to KPL

“Honor of Kings” is a very popular MOBA-themed mobile game. It has been officially launched for several years, including the KIC World Championship, KPL Professional Championship, KGL Secondary League, etc. In addition to the official one, there are also many live broadcast platforms. , Popular anchors will also start their own leagues, but the platform cup competition may not be very special in terms of bonuses and other aspects compared to the official competition, but there is such an anchor self-built event, the total bonus pool is even as high as one million So many, this brand new anchor cup is the Lu Zuo Cup.

Speaking of Lu Zuo, this is an anchor from the Huya platform. His strength is very strong. He often dominates the top game in the VX area, and he also has a very high popularity in the “Honor of Kings” circle. As early as before, Lu Zuo said that he would start a “genius youth competition”. Now, this sentence has become a reality, and the relevant rules and bonuses of the Lu Zuo Cup have all been exposed.

It is reported that the “Lu Zuo Cup” is divided into two major tracks. One is the confrontation between the major branches. From the confrontation between the singles and the junglers to the bot duos, all players can choose a familiar branch to register, but the requirements are: For the corresponding branch, as long as a hero’s combat power reaches 1.8W or the number of branch segments reaches 90, it should be noted that SOLO disables Diaochan in the whole process, which means that even mid-unit players cannot use Diaochan.

The entry threshold for 5V5 is relatively stricter. All players participating in 5V5 need to reach the top 100 nationally in the peak competition in the last three seasons. You must know that the national top 100 in the peak competition is the recruitment level of professional team youth training. , and there are many professional players among them, so this Lu Zuo Cup is very valuable, and the level of professionalism in the selection of players is comparable to that of KPL.

According to Lu Zuo, he will ask Lai Shen and Han Tiandi (Han Han) about their preparations tonight, and it seems that Lai Shen and Han Han will most likely participate in the Lu Zuo Cup, of which Lai Shen will definitely Participate in the confrontation road 1V1solo. And it is worth mentioning that the prize pool of the Lu Zuo Cup is very rich, of which the total prize of the SOLO branch reaches 100,000 yuan, while the total prize of the 5V5 reaches 1,100,000, of which the champion has exclusive access to 600,000.

The players are strong and the total prize pool is huge. I believe that the Lu Zuo Cup will definitely be very exciting. Players who want to participate can sign up in advance, and interested audiences can also pay more attention after the official opening of the Luzuo Cup on November 6, not only can they see the solo between many high-play anchors, maybe You can also see future talented professional players in the Luzuo Cup.