Lu Weibing’s sincere work: 200 million pixels + 210W fast charge, starting from 2399, close your eyes and buy with confidence

Lu Weibing presents a sincere work: 200 million pixels + 210W fast charge, 2399 yuan, close your eyes and buy it with confidence!

The reason why I say this, let’s take a look at the hardware configuration of the new Redmi Note12 Discovery Edition. It is equipped with Dimensity 1080 chip, supplemented by LPDDR4X memory + UFS 2.2 storage combination. In terms of screen, the Redmi Note12 Discovery Edition uses a 6.67-inch OLED flexible straight screen that supports a high refresh rate of 120Hz, and the touch sampling rate is globally supported at 240Hz. In addition to these, there are two most notable highlights of the Redmi Note12 Explorer Edition. Let’s talk about it specifically.

The first highlight: The Redmi Note12 Explorer Edition has a rear 200-megapixel Samsung HPX lens that supports OIS optical image stabilization.

To be honest, before the new phone was officially released, the claim of a 200-megapixel Samsung HPX lens has already aroused the appetite of many people. And this time, the Redmi Note12 Explorer Edition did not disappoint.

Of course, it is not particularly objective to look at the imaging system simply from the specifications, but combined with the upgrade point of the Dimensity 1080 chip, the shooting capabilities of the Redmi Note12 Explorer Edition can actually be expected. After all, this new phone also has an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens + a 2-megapixel macro lens. So, don’t worry.

The second highlight: Redmi Note12 Discovery Edition supports 210W wired second charging.

Are you surprised? At present, I believe many people are very aware of how much charging power Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Max supports. Therefore, just after the official launch of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, some people gave up because of the charging speed of the phone. You know, the current Android flagship has already surpassed the iPhone in charging power. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the Redmi Note12 Explorer Edition is only a mid-range model.

However, the Redmi Note12 Discovery Edition is equipped with a 210W wired second charge. According to the data given at the press conference, the Redmi Note12 Discovery Edition can be charged to 100% in 9 minutes with the blessing of 210W fast charging technology. Just imagine, the 120W fast charging technology used to be very fast, and now it is actually using 210W.

Frankly speaking, the great improvement in the charging rate of Android phones has not only made iPhones “uncomfortable”, but also, to a certain extent, has also made consumers gradually develop a habit: Smartphones with fast charging are worth buying. . Moreover, many people think that this is the most basic configuration of a smartphone, which is a cognitive change.

Redmi Note12 Discovery Edition closes your eyes and buys it with confidence

The reason why I judge this is that in fact, in addition to the hardware parameters of the Redmi Note12 Explorer Edition that attract most people, it is also the price of the Redmi Note12 Explorer Edition. At present, the 8GB+256GB version of this phone is priced at only 2399 yuan. Objectively speaking, the screen quality and charging power of the Redmi Note12 Exploration Edition, as well as the rear 200-megapixel main camera, are enough to be worth the price.

However, the Redmi Note12 Discovery Edition also has a front-facing 16-megapixel high-definition camera, and comes standard with a 210W dual GaN charger, which is compatible with 220V and 110V voltages. For this reason, no matter from which angle you analyze the parameters of this mobile phone or the operating experience, the price of 2399 yuan will be put on hold in 2022, which is really sincere.

Of course, in the smartphone market where competition has always been fierce, Redmi still has the courage to launch the Redmi Note12 Explorer Edition, which is enough to demonstrate Lu Weibing’s sincerity. So, if you have a need for a new phone, I think the Redmi Note12 Explorer Edition is a model worth considering.