“Lu Chong” is on fire! Xiamen young people welcome the new favorite sports social

Let’s pay attention to a sport that many young people like – “Lu Chong”. “Lu Chong” is a land surfboard. Recently, in some outdoor squares in Xiamen, “Lu Chong” has begun to “circle fans” in large numbers. So, what is “Lu Chong” and how to play it? Let’s follow the reporter to experience it first.

Reporter Xiao Xin: Isn’t it particularly cool? The sport they are playing now is called “Lu Chong”, that is, land surfboard, which is a branch of skateboarding.

Land surfing, as the name suggests, was originally an alternative sport used by surfers to simulate training sea surfing. Nowadays, it is more and more appearing on the streets and has become the new favorite of young people’s outdoor sports. When reporters searched platforms such as Douyin and Xiaohongshu, they could see videos shared by many fans.

The really fascinating part of “Lu Chong” is that it allows people to reap the pleasant experience similar to surfing and skiing on the concrete surface of the city. Since the beginning of this year, “Lu Chong” has appeared more and more in various outdoor squares and open spaces in Xiamen. At 8 p.m. on the 27th, Awei and his partners came to an open space near Haicang Avenue to train “Lu Chong”.

“Lu Chong” lover Awei: With a bunch of interesting friends, when we are tired from work, we get together, and then we slide together and sweat a lot, and I feel very happy.

Reporter Xiao Xin: Come on, we saw such a long land surfboard at the scene. I stood up and there was a surfboard that was 1.88 meters taller than me. Is this also a land surfboard?

“Lu Chong” fan Chen Kunyu: Yes, if it’s the same as the routine, it will require you to move more standardly, and then the way to exert force is more correct, so that you can accelerate it correctly.

Compared with ordinary skateboards, the biggest feature of the “Lu Chong” board is that the connection between the front wheel and the bottom of the board is not fixed, but can be flexibly rotated. Therefore, unlike ordinary skateboards, which mainly rely on single-leg kicks to gain speed, “Lu Chong” relies on the person standing on the board to control the ankle and coordinately twist the shoulders to make the board move.

Reporter Xiao Xin: “Lu Chong” looks very interesting. I will come to play at night.

“Lu Chong” lover Awei: Step on the screw with your front foot, okay, step on the screw vertically, vertical, yes, then step on the back foot, on top of the 4 screws, 45 degrees, yes, step on it at 45 degrees, yes , Well, the front foot is also turned back to 45 degrees, yes.

Although Ah Wei was supporting me, the moment I stood on the “Lu Chong” board, it was as if I had grown wings, and I was very relaxed and happy. Awei said that the circle of “Lu Chong” has always been relatively small. After this year’s Beijing Winter Olympics, many people learned about skiing. Because skiing is limited by venues and seasons, its substitute “Lu Chong” has become so popular. There are also more people playing Lu Chong in Xiamen.

“Lu Chong” lover KK: It’s quite fun, but it doesn’t have the traditional double tilt skateboard. It’s so technical. I think it’s very easy to get started.

“Lu Chong” lover Chelsea: You can practice more movements that you will use when surfing.

Attracting young people to participate in “Lu Chong” is also due to the strong social attributes of this sport. Offline, participants exchanged skills and experience through regular training; online, some “Lu Chong” enthusiasts shared their sports experience and experience on the platform, triggering more interactions… The “Lu Chong” movement has also gradually gained more. What a young “fan”. (Source: SAR News Plaza)