“LPL winter transfer period eats melons” is on fire, BLG spends huge sums of money to buy players, RNG falls apart

Foreword: The S12 season is coming to an end. I believe that most players have paid attention to the recent confrontation. Only the jdg team is left in the Lpl division, and the remaining three teams have all been eliminated. This situation has also made many fans very uncomfortable, so all kinds of news that this big team is gradually returning to the LPL division transfer period have also come out, and various industry insiders are revealing the details of the transfer. The Blg team really has a lot of money. In the past two years, their capital consumption has been very serious, but they still set a very high price in this year’s transfer period. If nothing else, the Blg team will once again come out on top in the transfer, and Rng is really falling apart.

Eating melons during the LPL transfer period is hot

I believe that the vast majority of players are still very concerned about the major teams in the lpl division. In the past few years, the overall comprehensive strength of the lpl division has been greatly improved, and the results are getting better and better. They have won the championship of the world finals three times. , the only regret is that so far, the Quanhua class has not been particularly good. After all, the championships in the lck division were all won by Korean players, and the championships in the lpl division were mostly won by the outstanding performance of the Korean players. This is also the reason why there are many all-China fans in the LPL division. If you want to truly gain support on the world stage, you must form your own lineup.

As the World Championship draws to a close, the three teams in the Lpl division have been eliminated, and each major division is also revealing all kinds of inside information during the transfer period. The transfer of the Lpl division has become the focus of many players. Talked about a lot of transfer details. The first is the edg team. Although their World Championship has ended and the players’ contracts will expire, the major clubs have not contacted the edg team, nor have they communicated with the players. If nothing else, the staff of the edg team The changes should not be particularly big. After all, this team needs fans, fans want results, and there are achievements, and the funds are relatively sufficient.

Next is the top laner the shy. As the most popular professional player in the lpl division, his popularity is still very high in the past few years. According to what he revealed in the live broadcast, he will not return to the lck division. Continue to play in the lpl division. And industry insiders said that the w bg team gave a very high signing price. If nothing else, the shy should continue to play in this team, and the Tes team has now become fragmented. The team very much hopes to keep Ah Shui, but from the current situation, it is really difficult. The results and funds do not seem to support them to get such a lineup.

Then there is the blg team that everyone is very concerned about. In this transfer period, they once again highlighted their wealth and wealth. The current target terminal has a total of three players, namely rookie, doinb and zeka, all of which are very good mid laners. At the same time, the AD position also has its own choice. Although Doggo has stayed on the team, it is highly likely that he will be transferred to the second team. Now they have been in contact with gala and light. I don’t know which player will choose this team. team. The Rng team is really over now, it has not achieved the results of the World Championship, and there are more and more lawsuits.

goodbye think

The personnel adjustment during this transfer period should be very large. From the contract library, we can see that the contracts of more than 30 professional players in the LPL division will expire, and there are still top professional players. This is definitely not bad news for the LPL division. After all, the results in the LPL division this year are indeed relatively average. After the start of the new season, the re-integration of the lineup may produce some good results.

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