LPL’s sudden scolding war! The whistleblower started spraying on Doinb: It’s all rubbing off on the heat, so don’t care if others are right?

Hello to all LPL viewers and League of Legends summoners, this is the world of games.

In recent days, there have been a lot of leaks in the LPL. Unlike previous years, the news of this year’s transfer period is a bit too early. The transfer period only started on November 22, but there are already a lot of leaks. There are even reports that several players have renewed their contracts.

During this process, Doinb also came forward to evaluate a wave, and bluntly stated that the accuracy of the recent transfer period was very low.

Doinb talks about breaking the news: they talk nonsense

Doinb talks about breaking the news: they talk nonsense

Recently, LPL’s whistleblower No. 77 broke the news of the transfer period with high intensity, and broke the news that many players have renewed their contracts. He said that WBG renewed The Shy and Angel, and the treatment was also very good, and then TES renewed the contract With Ah Shui, JDG renewed the contract both up and down.

In addition, it was revealed that BLG wanted to introduce Rookie, Doinb or Zeka, and V5 wanted to get Ueno from IG.

Doinb expressed his opinion in yesterday’s live broadcast: They (the whistleblower) broke everything out before the transfer period started. Anyway, if it’s wrong, just pretend to be dead. I’m different from them, why don’t you talk about it? It’s because there is no certainty. Are you (the whistleblower) the boss or the player himself, or did you travel back from December when the transfer period ended, those (the whistleblower) are all fake.

Afterwards, Doinb revealed the news that he got. Those teams that you (the audience) are following will have a big change in the lineup, and you need to change two or three kinds.

In the end, Doinb said that he would definitely take advantage of the heat during the transfer period, and he would rely on this if he didn’t enter the World Championship.

The whistleblower got angry and started spraying Doinb directly

The whistleblower got angry and started spraying Doinb directly

Doinb’s remarks directly angered No. 77. He directly posted a message to rant about Doinb. He bluntly said that Doinb has been stunned recently, and his quality is not good. Even if the fans are screaming, I can’t stand it anymore. The thing with the players is hot, and then he scolds other (the whistleblowers) who send messages online are marketing accounts.

On the 77th, he said that he did not make money by breaking the news, but only shared his news with his partners, and sometimes even bought news with money, and the so-called marketing account was also earning money through hard work, and Doinb also gained popularity through live broadcasts. Salary, everyone is the same, what happened to the players, the players are saints?

To put it simply, No. 77 is very angry about the person who broke the news on Doinb’s live broadcast. His logic is also very simple. Everyone is breaking the news of the transfer period. rice bowl.

To be honest, the war of words between the two sides is more surprising to the people who eat melons. At present, more viewers are more willing to believe what Doinb said. The reason is very simple. The transfer period has not started yet, and the current news feels fake. Relatively large, at least wait for the transfer period to start before breaking the news, the accuracy will be high.

Another point is that before the 77th, it was reported that the LNG Nakano had broken, but the truth was not at all.

In the war of whistleblowers, who will be the winner

In the war of whistleblowers, who will be the winner

Regarding this matter, I personally think that the key point is not the nonsense of the LNG Nakano breakup on the 77th before, and whether the news must be released after the transfer period starts. The key point is the accuracy of the information given by the whistleblower. Since No. 77 said Now, everyone is a hothead and a whistleblower, so the only criterion for measuring who is right and who is wrong is the accuracy rate.

If most of the revelations given by No. 77 were fulfilled during the transfer period, then Doinb was the one who was beaten in the face, because Doinb said (those revelations) were all false.

If the news on No. 77 is true, as Doinb said, basically all false, then the person who broke the news will definitely not be able to get along.

I personally think the war of words between the two is quite interesting. Originally, the two people’s previous revelations were very accurate (in comparison, Doinb is more accurate, although there are many mistakes in No. 77, but generally speaking The accuracy of his revelations is still very high and has a certain reference value), this time the scolding battle can’t end with a win-win outcome.

If No. 77 is really right, Doinb will definitely be scolded, but if No. 77 is really wrong too much, it is estimated that in the future transfer period, he will have no place of his own.