LPL players are worth a lot of publicity? People familiar with the matter revealed: There are 5 worth 30 million and one 45 million

Hello to all LPL viewers and League of Legends summoners, this is the world of games.

The S12 semi-finals will officially start the day after tomorrow, and during this period, many spectators are focusing on the transfer period to be carried out later. There have been a lot of revelations about the recent transfer period. The revelation of the left hand once again caused a heated discussion among the audience.

Because someone who broke the news revealed that the worth of the left hand seems to be higher than last year, which is a bit unexpected.

The whistleblower revealed that LPL players are worth

The whistleblower revealed that LPL players are worth

The left hand, that is, the Knight player, was madly robbed by various major teams during the transfer period last year, and gave various preferential treatment, but finally stayed in the TES team. According to TES, the left hand gave up the higher team. The salary stayed in TES, and he chose to play with his original teammates for another year.

But this year’s TES performance was very poor, and the left-handed contract expired at the end of the year, so a new round of left-handed competition will definitely start again.

Today’s revelations on the 77th show that the left hand is worth 45 million a year, and many viewers doubt it. After that, the 77th made a series of explanations, saying that 45 million is the sum of all contracts. Many viewers feel that the data is too much, but there are 5 players in the LPL division who are worth more than 30 million.

And there are 15 who are worth 10 million or more.

Therefore, many viewers are doubting the authenticity of this revelation, and some people speculate who these five players worth more than 30 million are. As we all know, the value of a player comes from on-court performance on the one hand, and commercial value on the other hand. We can analyze it from these two perspectives.

45 million in the left hand, the credibility is not high

45 million in the left hand, the credibility is not high

Personally, I think the left-handed 45 million, if it is the value of this year’s transfer period, the credibility is very low. It is a little possible last year, but the possibility is not so big. Last year’s revelations showed that JDG’s bid was 40 million. But authenticity cannot be determined.

The first point is that this year’s S game is not over yet. The result of the S game will directly affect the LPL transfer period. If JDG wins the championship, this year’s transfer period may repeat the grand occasion of last year, and the value of the left hand will also increase. The transfer period has not yet started, and the team’s fighting and competition in the transfer period has not yet begun. It is very unreal to come directly to 45 million.

The reason why the left hand was so high last year was because EDG won the championship and the Asian Games in the second year. In the transfer period at that time, the left hand had a very high probability of being selected for the Asian Games.

Thinking in a normal way, the LPL is ahead of other divisions. In the second year, a team will form an all-China class. If they win the Asian Games championship, they will take off. If they can add another MSI or another S championship, then the investment is still high. worth.

The postponement of this year’s Asian Games is a blow to many teams that invested heavily last year.

Then this year’s transfer period, the left hand will also be blessed by the Asian Games, but if Yagao plays well and wins the championship, it will also affect the left hand’s worth to a certain extent. As for how much it can achieve, we will wait for the transfer period to see.

Who are the most valuable players in LPL?

Who are the most valuable players in LPL?

Then it is about who is the most valuable player in the LPL except the left hand at this stage. I personally think that the 30 million annual salary given by the whistleblower does not seem to be very credible, but we can discuss the LPL except for the left hand. Who are the five most valuable people outside?

If you only look at the performance and strength of the game, I personally think that the JDG jungler Kanavi, the top laner 369, RNG jungler WEI, EDG’s Viper and Meiko.

The second echelon is Scout, Xiaohu, Xiaoming, Bin, GALA, JKL, Tian, ​​Crisp, Rookie, Doinb and other players.

In addition to the commercial value, JKL and Doinb are unique, and then Rookie, Hu Ming, etc. will also have additional bonuses, but I personally think that the higher bonus is the double BUFF bonus of the account and the Asian Games. In this bonus Below, 369, WEI, the three major assistants and even Xiaotian Yagao Xiaohu GALA will be greatly improved.

If you have to choose five, I personally think that 369, Kanavi, Viper, WEI and Meiko are the five most valuable players in the LPL except for the left hand. Although Kanavi and Viper have no commercial value and Asian Games bonuses, LPL wants to stay during the transfer period this year. With these two people, they must pay higher wages to counter the pressure brought by the LCK.