LPL jungler BO won 13 consecutive victories, the official announcement of the European division, he is the king of the jungle

Hello everyone, the S13 season competition has officially started. I believe that most players have paid attention to the recent confrontation. Because of the New Year, the lpl competition area has entered a short period of rest, and the competition in the European and American competition areas has become the focus of attention of many players. The vit team has undergone a large-scale reorganization of personnel in the new season. The jungler Bo stepped onto the professional stage. In just a few days, he won 13 consecutive victories, 10 consecutive victories in the LPL division and the European division. Three consecutive victories made him the focus of attention. Even European officials praised him, and Vit officials even said that he is the king of the jungle. A large number of lpl players also reversed their views, and expressed their hope to see his wonderful performance on the stage of watching the world championship.

Jungle BO scored 13 consecutive victories and became popular

I believe that the vast majority of players are familiar with the jungler Bo. When he debuted on the lpl stage, he showed super personal abilities. Just when everyone thought he would become the representative of the new generation of junglers, However, there was a very serious problem of match-fixing. The exposure of the whole process and content caused his popularity to plummet, and even triggered a large-scale official investigation. In the end, he dealt with a lot of players, and he was suspended for four months. This kind of punishment is very light. After all, before this, many professional players directly ended their careers after participating in fake matches, and he still has a chance to return to the game.

After several years of baptism, bo finally returned to the professional stage and joined the Vit team in the European division. This is also due to the owner of the fp x team. To be honest, if he hadn’t strongly supported Bo, he would have been banned permanently in the previous investigation. I thought he could return to the LPL stage, but I didn’t expect the players in the LPL division to be so tough. In the end, he could only leave lpl and join other competition areas. After just a few months of adjustments, he finally played again. And he played very well in the recent games, and has won 13 consecutive victories in his career, which also makes many fans very happy.

The ten-game winning streak in the LPL division, plus the three-game winning streak in the European division, even the European division officials said that the state and performance of the jungler BO are becoming more and more stable. It’s a blessing in disguise, after he took the initiative to report the problem, he did experience a period of trough, and was despised by many lpl players, but during this time, he did not give up, but instead worked harder to train and learn English, improve myself, and finally got the qualification to play in the European and American divisions. Now he has become the focus of attention of many European and American players. It is not an exaggeration to say that he is a lucky person.

To be honest, in that year’s competition, if the jungler Bo had no problems, then the fp x team really swept a lot of strong teams, and the champion of the S10 season is very likely to be lpl, After all, the fpx team at that time was in full swing, both in terms of popularity and strength, they were all top-notch. I hope that BO can play steadily in the European competition area. After all, in this year’s competition, the European competition area also has a lot of places. Maybe BO will become the first Chinese to appear on the world-class stage and not in the lpl team. At that time, China’s foreign aid players will become more and more mature, so that they can crush the development of LCK.

The game master thinks

In the past few years, there have been more and more ridicules about Bo. Some people do not recognize him and hope that he will leave the professional stage forever, but some people cherish his talents and hope that he can show his strength. During this period of time, every victory BO will be sent out, and being able to see him is also very eager to be recognized by the players. Now I really look forward to his achievements, will it break history?

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