LPL is wiped out! T1 defeated JDG to advance to the finals, LCK pre-booked the S12 championship

Foreword: In the first half of the League of Legends S12 semi-finals, JDG will face T1, and the winner will get the first ticket to the finals. JDG got the script of last year’s EDG, and was surrounded by LCK as the only LPL seedling. If this game is lost, the final will be another Korean civil war. In the end, the four LPL teams were wiped out! T1 let one chase three beat JDG, Faker hit the fourth title, the S12 final became the LCK autumn game, and the Korean team pre-booked the championship trophy.

In the first game, Faker played his signature Galio. The two sides fought very fiercely in the early stage, and the economic difference was only 1,000 yuan. In the mid-term, JDG took the lead in drawing the Dragon Soul. T1’s single-band rhythm could not be picked up. The only way to get map resources was to capture people. After killing the assistant, choose Rush Dragon to force the group. The opponent takes the dragon. In the later stage, T1 released the dragon soul to take the big dragon, JDG obtained the ancient dragon by pulling, and the last wave of Hope explosion output melted the opponent. T1 was unable to defend the first game and lost.

In the second round, Faker offered his signature Ryze, saw Zeus take out Yone, and 369 finally locked the Thing. Kanavi’s rhythm was good in the early stage, but Hope’s state was a bit sluggish, and he was killed in the middle with two heads in his hands. In the mid-term, the T1 decision was very decisive. JDG caught Zeus and lost the big dragon, and the small Lu Bu was broken on the road, and the stable operation of T1 snowballed. In the later stage, JDG was like a toy. It was too uncomfortable to be contained by the line of arms. The last wave of little Lu Bulu Zian harvested the battlefield, and T1 pulled back a point.

In the third round, T1 took out something new. Captain Zeus was paired with Oner Nightmare, and the middle and bottom were still Ryze and Luna. In the early stage, the top lane was more lively. Faker reversed support to the bottom lane to get a double kill, and at the same time, Zeus single-killed Kanavi Foyego on the top lane. In the mid-term, 369 Crocodile killed Zeus twice and Faker once, but Hope was always beaten in the team, and JDG was too passive. In the last wave of T1, they won the big dragon, Faker rode the face to output, Zeus two consecutive barrels exploded the disabled duo, and the T1 group defeated JDG to get the match point.

In the fourth game, the lineups on both sides were very solid. In the early stage, Hope stared at Faker, ignoring the front teammates. JDG lost three small losses. In the mid-term, the T1 duo played a line kill, and the operation of Hope fans was confusing. JDG played in a hurry, and the three people who crossed the tower in the middle were counter-killed and fell into a disadvantage. T1 chose to speed up the rhythm and played JDG as a man-machine, and finally tied the base with a big score of 30-7 in 24 minutes. The MVP went to Keria’s Renata, with a perfect record of 4-1-21, and all skills were well used.

Kegwang post-match summary

JDG lost 1:3 to T1 and stopped in the top four, and the four LPL teams were wiped out, which means that the S12 champion belongs to the LCK division. The state of T1 is really good. After returning to the finals stage after 5 years, I feel that they are going to hit the fourth championship. They all think that Faker is playing more steadily when he is old. Who knows that he is still a big killer for the team. It is said that Zeus is the biggest core, but Gumayusi is also returning to the peak. Such a three-core lineup is really invincible. Of course, the team that wants to win the championship must not have shortcomings. Although the S12 finals have become the LCK autumn competition, I hope that the LPL teams will not be discouraged and adjust the transfer period well!

Discussion question in this issue: How to evaluate LCK’s advance booking of the S12 championship?