“LPL does not win the championship this year, it will be even more difficult next year”, people familiar with the matter suggest: RNG may be sold

​Hello LPL viewers and League of Legends Summoners, this is the World Game Pool.

LPL’s performance in the S12 global finals this year is definitely unsatisfactory so far. Only one team from JDG has advanced to the semi-finals, and the other three teams in the semi-finals are all LCK teams. It is the same as last year’s script. It is actually very difficult for JDG to reproduce the EDG script this year.


Therefore, many viewers are worried that the position of the first division of the LPL will not be guaranteed, and a person familiar with the LPL recently revealed that if the LPL does not win the championship this year, it will be difficult next year.

LPL’s high-value team can’t beat the LCK

The success of the EDG team last year can be said to have set off a wave of people grabbing people during the transfer period in the LPL. EDG reached the top of the world last year by replacing two players. Many teams want to replicate this achievement. The meeting period can be said to be the most exciting time in the history of LPL, and the players’ worth has also risen.


The most exaggerated player is Knight of TES. It is said that JDG offered him a contract worth more than Faker, reaching the level of more than 40 million, but in the end Knight chose to stay in TES.

There is also the top team formed by BLG. The top players are worth around 15 million at every turn, and the scarce resources are close to 20 million.

Except for Faker, few other players in LCK can get such a high salary at this level. Even the LCK summer champion GEN is not so outrageous. Chovy is the top player in the team. Several other players are not so exaggerated.


However, in this year’s World Championship, a team with such a high salary level as the LPL is still being hammered by various LCK teams. Instead, JDG, the team with the lowest value, has become the only hope for the LPL at present.

If the LPL does not win this year, it will be more difficult next year

During the transfer period last year, a large number of teams put out a lot of money to invest in the team. They wanted to show their talents this year, but all the clubs that spent a lot of money failed without exception, and the investment was also a blood loss. I originally thought that there would be the Asian Games this year. Once it is said to be selected for the Asian Games, and then win an MSI or S championship, it will take off directly and become one of the most successful clubs in the LPL.


However, the ending was tragic. The Asian Games were postponed, and the Shanghai epidemic broke out. Even the tickets could not be sold. It can be said that it was a state of pure loss. The club can guarantee that there will be no losses.

In the transfer period at the end of this year, more top players will become free agents. Normally, this year’s transfer period should be no less exciting than last year’s. It is very bad now, the club has no money, and the transfer period at the end of this year will not be able to make so much money, and it will not be as crazy as everyone thinks.


To put it simply, the club has less funds to invest in and sign players, and the players’ worth will not be so high, and it is also revealed that clubs that are rumored to be sold are excluded.

The suspense during the transfer period depends on the size of the club

Regarding the news disclosed by this insider, I personally think that the statement about the big environment is definitely correct, and the player’s worth should be much lower. In this way, Knight is the worst loser and can’t get the highest value in history. The loss may be tens of millions, and Crisp looks very profitable because he directly signed a three-year contract with BLG.


Those players who only sign for one year or become free agents are at a loss. Now many players only sign for one year and leave if they can’t do anything. But if they only sign for one year, they are afraid that the environment will be bad and their value will drop. Can’t get that much money.

As for whether this year’s transfer period is still as intense as last year, I personally don’t think there will be any big moves like this reporter said, because LPL tells the truth that there are too many clubs, and most clubs have no money, but there are still clubs that can get it. To get money, especially when everyone has no money, the relatively rich team can have the upper hand in the transfer period.

In this way, players have fewer choices, and the richer teams will be more attractive.


Then there is the club that is rumored to be sold. It is likely to be RNG. RNG sells places. If new capital enters the market, it will definitely be able to make money. In addition, there will be 18 teams in the LPL next year, and that new team will also come in. Can look forward to it.