Love to buy bags must see|The most complete list of 111 hottest bags in history

The last time I gave you a summary of the prices of the hottest bags was in June last year.

But only half a year has passed, and I found that the price of bags has changed a lot.

Hermes Kelly Classique To Go

In particular, several brands of bags have even experienced a wave of super sharp increases!

Taking advantage of the fact that we have just entered 2023, Mr. Bao hurriedly came to update you today!

Saint Laurent Niki

I sorted out the 111 hottest big-name bags at present , and arranged them in order of price from low to high.

In this way, when buying a bag, everyone can find the corresponding choice at a glance according to their budget range .

This article is absolutely full of dry goods, super practical!

Note: All the prices below are from the domestic official website and some foreign e-commerce companies, for reference only, the actual price is subject to the counter.

Alright, let me share with you the latest bag price list.

How about, among these 111 bags, which bag’s price shocked you the most?

I hope that today’s price list can help you buy your favorite bags within a reasonable budget!

Love everyone Mr. Bao

Image source: Visual China, Internet, Brand, Mr. Bao Studio

Responsible editor: The Loretta J

Copy editor: The Amy Yin