Love and producer plagiarize Japanese manga? Even though he admits his mistake, he is still playing tricks. Player: Did you have any fans that day?

Hello everyone, this is Zhengjing game, I’m Zhengjing little brother.

Players are particularly disgusted with plagiarism in games these days. As long as it is plagiarism, even if it is a game they like, they should spray it. In recent years, many game companies have been complained by the whole people for plagiarism, and finally had to admit their mistakes and apologize. .

But apologizing and admitting mistakes is also a craft. Recently, a domestic game has been despised by players for playing tricks on apology and admitting mistakes.

Some time ago, popular women in China announced the event PV of “Story of the Wind and the Moon” to the mobile game “Love and Producer”. Soon some anime players discovered that there was a problem with the background pattern in the promotional image of this event, and misappropriated the work of CLAMP, a well-known Japanese comic group. A painting in xxxHolic.

Probably this part of the suspected plagiarism is very hidden, so let the game’s art feel that no players will find it, but the art forgot the eyes of CLAMP fans, so it was quickly discovered, and some anime fans commented ” I’m just old, not dead.”

Now some post-00s in China may not be familiar with the CLAMP group. Back then, they were god-level existences. The total sales of their works exceeded 100 million copies, and they were published in more than 20 countries such as the United States, France, China, and South Korea. “Cardcaptor Sakura”, “Tokyo Babylon”, “Humanoid Computer Angel Heart”, “Legal Prohibition”, “Heroes” and so on are their representative works.

By the way, Guo Jingming’s novel “Fantasy City” was suspected of plagiarizing “The Legend of the Holy Scriptures”.

A few days after the plagiarism incident was exposed, the official came out and admitted the mistake very skillfully, and issued a document saying; this problem of suspected misappropriation of materials was caused by outsourcers, and now they will exchange the content of the dispute, and finally Said they firmly support originality and oppose plagiarism.

Although he admitted his mistake, he was still complained by a large number of players because he did not feel sincerity!

For example, there is no sentence in the full text that admits to plagiarism. The words are “suspected”, “misappropriation” and “controversial content”. The most complained point is that this apology statement was not issued by the official account of “Love and Producer”, but A daily trumpet called “Love and Production Team Pantry”, you must know that the number of fans of this trumpet is one digit less than the official account.

Because the apology lacked sincerity, the players demanded to release outsourcing evidence to prove that the official was not maliciously dumping the blame, and a large number of players complained that this is the price of cooperation with Mengniu.

At the beginning of October, “Love and the Producer” and Mengniu were linked together, but because of Mengniu’s reputation, players boycotted it, and it was also found that the art materials promoted by this event also had plagiarism problems…

Younger brother 嘠Green Gong: Because of the two consecutive overturns, many players who were tired said they had deleted their numbers and left. It’s normal to be tired, and sticking to morality is the bottom line of a person’s behavior. If you can give up compliance for the sake of profit, how can you not let people down?

A serious question: Can you accept plagiarism from your favorite game?