Lost indefinitely: 5 core analysis strategies for the slowdown team! It can be regarded as a genre to learn from

Hello everyone, I am He Weiyi who is slowing down.

In today’s Raiders article, let’s briefly talk about the slow-flow play of the legal system that was discussed by everyone because of the EX Shadow dungeon. In all fairness, when everyone was still in the game wasteland in the past, the slow-flow play was also an option. After all, everyone’s practice level was not that high at that time, so the slow-down flow style of fighting for output time for output characters also won a certain space for playing, but as the practice level of most players gradually increased, more The efficient output ability also gradually defeated the thinking of winning the output space, so the slowdown team also gradually faded out of everyone’s vision, but with the emergence of various restrictions in the EX copy, the slow flow, the law-based control play, was again used. Take it on the table, so in today’s Raiders article, let’s talk about the 5 cores in the deceleration flow.

The first is Irina’s ultimate slowdown. It is specially reminded here that only when the ultimate move is used on a non-target grid or no core target will the nine-square grid slow down. Of course, after turning on the exclusive brand, it can also be triggered by burying mines, and this trigger passes It can be triggered by moving your character or the enemy moving to the target grid.

After actual measurement, the duration of the deceleration of Irina’s ultimate move is 4 seconds. Considering the 50% speed reduction, the overall sensory effect is quite good, but we also need to see that Irina’s ultimate move has consumed energy. There are many shortcomings, so this deceleration effect is not a conventional weapon in the deceleration team, but a powerful weapon that has both output and deceleration when necessary.

Next, the core of the second law-based deceleration team is Nacha. Her deceleration ability mainly comes from the deceleration effect of the [Star Dome Theater] of the exclusive brand [Paradise Dream]. This exclusive kill can form a [Star Dome Theater] within the nine-square grid. ] for 20 seconds, during which enemies entering the theater will be slowed down by 40%.

Considering that Nacha’s exclusive kill can only be used once per battle, the 40% deceleration effect of this Jiugongge can last for 20 seconds, so although it can’t be regarded as a conventional weapon of the deceleration team, it can be used at critical moments. It exerts a better deceleration limit effect than Irina’s ultimate move. In addition, it is specially reminded that the different deceleration effects of different confinement persons can be superimposed. For example, if Irina’s ultimate move and Nacha’s exclusive kill are used at the same time, the opponent’s The movement speed will be reduced to a very low level, which is also a small skill used by the deceleration team in actual combat.

Then, the core of the third law-based deceleration team is Pagasi. As a front-row violent mage, Pagasi has multiple abilities to create [radiation fields], such as the nine-square radiation field that can be formed by the big move, and the 3 skills provide Always follow the [Secondary Radiation Field] of its own grid, and provide the [Secondary Radiation Field] after the opponent’s death, etc., while Pagazi’s madness deepening effect [Radiation Damage] provides the enemy to enter any [Radiation Field]. ] will slow down by 20%.

Considering that Pagashi’s most commonly used deceleration radiation field is still the ultimate move (29 points of energy, 4 shackles are reduced to 26 points of energy), so the 20% speed reduction in these 10 seconds (1 shackles increased to 15 seconds) can still be accelerated. It has a certain limiting effect in the team , but although the coverage time of the group’s deceleration effect is considerable, considering that the deceleration rate is not very high, this skill cannot be regarded as the core weapon of the deceleration team.

PS: In addition, if we use the deceleration skills of Irina, Nacha and Pagashi at the same time, the enemy will not stop, so it is preliminarily inferred that although the deceleration effect in the current game can be superimposed, it will not be Rough addition and superposition calculation, or the maximum deceleration superposition threshold is set in the game (for example, no matter how much deceleration superposition is, the enemy will retain at least 10% of the movement speed, etc.), which will be tested later.

Then the fourth place we see is the absolute core of the deceleration team, Kelvin, whether in terms of the quantity or quality of deceleration skills, Kelvin is the only deceleration core in the current game, 2 skills kill can provide a nine-square grid range The deceleration effect of the 3 skill passive can provide a large diamond-shaped deceleration effect, the exclusive brand makes the deceleration effect of the 2 skill kill can be superimposed, and finally it can be directly [Freeze] for 2 seconds, and 1 shackle increases the duration of the kill skill. 2 seconds, 2 and 5 shackles increase the deceleration effect of nirvana skills by 10% respectively . On the whole, Kelvin is a confinement born for deceleration.

Everyone needs to pay attention here. When Kelvin’s passive 3 skill 20%-30% slowdown takes effect, a mark similar to snowflakes will appear under the enemy’s feet. In addition, the energy effect of the ultimate move is at least 26 points, and its duration is up to 6 seconds. , in addition to the one-second deceleration effect of up to 50% and the 2-second control effect of [Frozen] after 4 seconds, Kelvin’s deceleration ability is the core of the entire deceleration team. Although she cannot automatically recover energy during the duration of the ultimate move, but The flaws don’t hide the truth. For example, in some of the EX dungeons this time, Kelvin’s deceleration and freezing control can gain Nacha a lot of output time, which is also one of the foundations for the entire deceleration team to run.

The last deceleration core is Lisa, who is also an ordinary character like Kelvin. In the past, Weiyi did not pay too much attention to Lisa’s acceleration strength, but after the actual test, it was found that Lisa’s deceleration and control ability seemed to be a little out of place. Unexpectedly, its 2-skill must kill energy consumption is at least 17 points, but it can last for 20 seconds. In addition, the 3-skill passive also provides the control effect of [Fixed] for 1-2 seconds. The last 4-skill passive also has The additional movement speed reduction effect, so Lisa’s comprehensive deceleration ability is actually a greatly underestimated existence.

However, it should be noted that although Lisa’s ultimate move [Inspiration Labyrinth] can be resident in theory, there can only be one labyrinth on the field at most. In addition, if Lisa’s exclusive brand is activated, the slowed down enemy will have a gradually increasing damage boosting effect, which is also Lisa’s icing on the cake as a damage-increasing auxiliary ability, so she is also one of the core supporters in the French slowdown team.

Although the superposition of deceleration in the current game cannot completely stagnate the enemy, the superposition of comprehensive deceleration can still greatly slow down the opponent’s movement speed and win precious energy accumulation time and output space for our output spirit masters. The secondary EX dungeon can only use the deceleration flow play. Wei Yi wrote this guide not to emphasize how invincible this play is, but to provide a small idea for everyone to form a team. Finally, I would like to thank you very much. The WeChat name is ELshadaw. The test account provided by the big guy!

The above is the whole content of today’s analysis article, I hope it can give you some little help! thanks for your support!