“Losing to Swift, I’m not qualified to play LOL”, Doinb responded with joy

Foreword: The League of Legends S12 World Championship is not over yet, and the Douyu China-Korea confrontation on the other side is hot, attracting the attention of many players. Three Chinese anchor teams and two LCK legendary players form a cross-border battle. Those who didn’t watch the game during the offseason have a brand new experience of watching the game. Before the game, the Chinese anchor team was basically not favored, because the South Korean team not only had S-crown legend players such as Crown Brother and Piglet, but also former professional celebrities such as Nuclear and Kramer who retired soon, while the Chinese anchor team basically consisted of unique skills. Brother anchor, LPL retired players, and female anchors are mixed. However, what is unexpected is that the Chinese anchor team, which has a more tacit understanding, has repeatedly “successfully resisted Korea”.

After 3 days of fierce battle, the “four dishes and one soup” team reached the top in points

The China-Korea competition started on October 26th. After 3 days of fierce battles, the four dishes and one soup team led by Regret, JJKING and Kong Da’s robbery led the standings with a score of 4 wins and 1 loss. On the 27th, they defeated the first team of South Korea 2-1, and on the 28th they fell to the second team of South Korea. Judging from the game, JJKING’s performance is particularly eye-catching. In the face of Korean top orders, it can often be suppressed online, and the team battle output is full. It can be regarded as a name for China’s unique talent again, and Kongda’s robbery hero pool is also very broad. In addition, taking out tools like Galio can also revitalize the audience, and they have become the favorite team to win the championship in this China-Korea Tournament.

“Sister Zhou” is equally strong, but XINYI was ridiculed by Doinb

“Sister Zhou led the team” led by Zhou Shuyi, and their performance in this China-Korea match was also amazing. Although they lost to the first team of South Korea in the opening game, they defeated the second team of South Korea in the following. Extraordinarily strong, it gave the Korean team a strong impact on the back row. Zhou Shuyi and the smiling bot lane combination became more and more tacit. Coupled with the rhythm of XINYI, the performance of this team surprised many water friends. The hard assistants all played well, with the legendary ADC smiling, it can be said that the strength and the effect of the show are complete. But what is interesting is that after losing to the first team in South Korea, XINYI was criticized by DOINB sharply.

After learning that Shinichi lost to Swift, DOINB responded directly: The person who lost to SWIFT is really not qualified to play LOL, because he often plays RPG games now, and he is also a diamond native in Hanbok. How could you lose to him? This wave of responses is also extremely happy. It is obvious that DOINB still has not “forgive” Swift. However, if DOINB wants to participate in the China-Korea competition in the future, it will be really interesting to meet Swift, an old acquaintance.

personal analysis summary

The group points match of the China-Korea competition lasted for 4 days and ended on October 29, followed by the third runner-up match on November 1, followed by the championship battle on November 2. According to the current points situation, the championship will be the best. Probability was born in Korea 1 team and four dishes and one soup. The bot lane combination of the first Korean team is particularly strong. Kramer and ben have both played in the LPL before, and they know the styles of Chinese players very well. Coupled with the fact that Swift’s sword is not old, the strength of this team is not weak, but Ray is in this game. The state of the China-Korea match was not good. Both Emperor C and JJKING could suppress it, which may be the biggest breakthrough of the current Korean first team.

Whether the Chinese anchor team can win the championship, interested friends can also pay attention to the Douyu Search China-Korea Competition. In addition, judging from this China-Korea confrontation, the difference between the operation of the master player and the professional players is not as big as imagined. Some master master anchors can even beat the former professional players by dozens of knives without heroic restraint. So the last question is, do you think that if the anchor of the unique master has continuous running-in and targeted training, does it have the potential to become a professional?