LOL Would an ad with triple gold but only one displacement skill be strong?

Gambler Gaia Q, attack distance: 400 Game number: This person is the most famous big fat sheep in Bilgewater & Port, no one knows how much money this person has left. The most legendary one, because this person lost too much, causing the price of Piraeus to rise rapidly

Finally, the big brother of the port went to him personally, knelt down and begged him to stop gambling.

Passive: Cornucopia: There is a cornucopia at our spring, every time you get gold, the cornucopia will get double the gold. You can click on the cornucopia to get the gold coins in it.

Passive: Sancai Boy Q: You will consume 50 gold coins each time you attack, and you will owe up to 1000 gold coins. Attacks that consume gold coins will gain an additional 200 attack distance and 8+ (2x level) attack power. Passive: Table Sheep Q: When you buy equipment, you need to spend double the gold.

Q: Windfall: Gain 100 gold and dash 300 yards in one direction. If this skill evades a projectile to the limit, it will also gain a 100/120/140/160/180% decaying acceleration effect for 2 seconds. (12 seconds)

W: Grand Gold Slam Q: No consumption, each attack consumes an additional 50 gold coins after opening, and the attack will cause 10/15/20/25/30% extra physical to all enemy units within 100 yards of the target. harm. Critical strikes while on will expand the area of ​​effect by 100 yards, doubling the bonus damage of the skill (but basic attacks do not deal critical strike damage). (2 seconds)

E: Profit and Roll Profit: Consume 200 gold coins [modified to: get 100 gold coins], get 200 + 10/20/30/40/50% of your maximum health shield for 1.5 seconds. If your shield is broken during this period, you will immediately get 12/14/16/18/20% of your total assets (including the unearned gold coins in the cornucopia). (21 seconds)

R: Howling and Playing: No consumption, break defense after 2 seconds, then last for 6 seconds, each attack will cause 80/90/100% AD physical damage to all enemy units within 225 yards, and these damages have an additional 20 % of the lifesteal effect. You have access to “Huge Gold Coins” once within 6 seconds. (110 seconds)

Huge gold coin Q: Consume 200 gold coins [modified to get 100 gold coins], throw a huge gold coin in one direction, move all the way to the outside of the map, cause 80/160/240+0.75AD physical damage to enemy units along the way, each hit You gain 20 gold for an enemy hero.

You buy a cloth armor for 300, sell a cloth armor for 210×3=630, buy and sell a cloth armor to earn 330 gold coins, and send troops in 1 minute and 30 seconds. The money is, endless 3800, selling endless is about 2300×3=6900, that is, earning 3100. Next you spend 30 seconds buying and selling 10 endless times.

At this time, your gold coins start at least 3w, and you can directly use the six gods: Gale, Hurricane, Endless, and if the collector has two pieces left, you can break armor, attack, attack speed, and take some medicine. At this time, there is still at least 30 seconds before the minion. You call on the jungler and support, walk to the opposite jungle area, first drop the ad playing on the mobile phone with one shot, and then the remaining 4 people on the opposite side react and want to come over in seconds. You, at this time, you dropped the Crispy Mid-Order from the opposite party in one shot.

At this time, the other three people felt that things were not right and wanted to run, but they were shot twice by your displacement skill. The most fleshy top order was killed, and the other two were also left with blood because of the hurricane. A flat A, 5 kill notification resounded throughout the audience. At this time, the red and blue buffs of the opponent’s jungle are just refreshed, and you also take them all in 3 seconds.

Then call your teammates in a group, the 600-yard range ensures that you can get the opposite line in the safest position in a few clicks, and then the 1 tower against the 5th layer of the tower is mammoth, this time the opposite 4 The personal group in the middle is shivering under the tower, buying time for the development of the ad in the bottom. After 5 minutes, there was only the last layer of the top tower left in the tower on the opposite side, and the ad on the opposite side also successfully made up the attack speed shoes and quiver.

After another 5 minutes, the opponent’s 2 towers have fallen. You choose to form a group to play the vanguard. At this time, the opponent’s ad has not lived up to expectations and came out with the first big piece. male and female. biu~ The opponent’s ad with 1 god outfit was taken away directly by you a hurricane a, the opponent’s 5 people quickly surrendered, and then went out and frantically faced your family. In the days that followed, they learned to say ban XXX!!!!

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