LOL: The PDD live broadcast talks about suing RNG. It is a last resort. The former IG three Korean aids besieged the old club

Before we get down to business, let’s briefly talk about the news of the transfer period. Because there are many people who broke the news, the news is very mixed, so I will pick up a few more authentic news to share with you. First of all, BLG’s upper assistant will stay in the team as the starter, and Doggo will also stay in the team. The team has yet to decide on the starting lineup. The jungler wants to buy a new player. The midfielder prefers Rookie, followed by the left hand or Zeka. The bottom lane A Shui, Gala and the Emperor are all targets. Don’t look at TES. , but it’s not necessarily possible to stay. The people whose contracts have expired in the EDG team have not started to talk about contract renewals, and there is a high probability that Viper will join the DK. Anyway, it will not stay in the LPL. Doinb’s contract renewal is very likely.

After talking about the transfer news, let’s take a look at RNG. It can be said that RNG has been on the cusp since it stopped in the top eight. First, it was sued by the WBG team because the transfer fee was not paid to the WBG team in the matter of Bin’s transfer, and then it was exposed. It was going to be listed for sale, and a low starting price of 200 million was given. Now there is another rhythm, that is, the company where PDD’s girlfriend works has sued RNG. PDD also responded in the live broadcast. The teacher said the reason. It’s very simple. I sold players to them before, but they didn’t settle it. The transfer fee has been delayed for three years and has not been paid. It’s not too much money.

In addition, the prostitute teacher also said that he was forced to sue RNG, because if you can talk, you can talk, and if you can’t talk, you can go through the procedure. Now, the relationship between the two sides has reached the point where you can’t talk. You must know that PDD and the RNG boss were good friends before. This step is really forced to help. The teacher who thinks that this kind of non-large capital club can take care of it or take care of it is because it can’t take care of it and can go through legal procedures. Here I emphasize that the IG team does not buy powerful people to fight. The game is over. I will talk about IG later. PDD is talking about Xiaolongbao here, because Xiaolongbao was sold to RNG at a high price at that time, but it has not been effective. RNG should not want to pay for it.

As an audience, I feel that the PDD has done its best. The two sides are willing to fight and the other is willing to accept the normal transaction. As a result, they have waited for three years and still do not pay. In desperation, they can only reach this step. All kinds of things are combined together. RNG has come to an end. It is the most correct choice to list for sale at this time. On the one hand, it can stop losses and on the other hand, it can also continue the RNG logo. What’s more, the competitiveness of S13 is guaranteed on the premise of Ueno staying in the team. It is a first-class with a little reinforcement. Team, I said earlier that IG does not pay high prices to buy people. PDD is very vague here. It was revealed on the 77th that the IG team was also in deep financial crisis.

IG did not pay the money owed to the first three champions in South Korea. The three here are Theshy, Rookie and Duke. And it was revealed on the 77th that these three people are going to jointly sue IG. There is a detail here that everyone should understand. Principal Wang used to be the boss of IG, but now he is no longer, and it has nothing to do with him whether he owes money or not. In fact, it is understandable when you think about it. If IG had money, why didn’t they stay in the middle and upper class? At that time, the price of Korean aid in the middle and upper class was not high. Through this incident, it can be concluded that there will be big groups behind the clubs in the e-sports circle, such as JDG and LNG, and individual bosses will be punished. phase out.