LOL the most disgusting combination! The first to let the opponent know how terrifying the damage of 1 flat A is!

Jhin + Luo

To mention a few, I have seen a very disgusting combination recently. The first one is the combination of Jin and Luo. This combination has actually been popular for many years. It is mainly the version of the bot lane as a tool. Such a combination is quite Strong, the key is such a version, you don’t need to be a tool person. After the late stage, the hero of the fate master can directly enter the soul with a normal attack. It is definitely one of the most powerful bot lane combinations in the late stage. , as long as you can mix in the early and mid-term, don’t let the opponent’s people suppress you, then you can chase the opponent’s people and fight in the later stage.

Nami + Holy Gun

​If you have played bot lane, then there is a combination that you must have seen. It is the combination of Holy Spear and Nami. This combination can be played from professional games to bronze. Of course, such a combination, for ad There are still some requirements for c. After all, if you are not good at playing, you will find that you cannot play such a hero. As for the hero Nami, theoretically, there is a little operation that must be Okay, after all, the person who can control the opponent, if there is no operation, it is enough to know how to strengthen teammates and restore blood, so such a combination requires relatively less support, but ad c must be a master,

Giggs + big head

The combination of Giggs and Big Head is my personal favorite bot combination. There are no other advantages to such a combination. There is only one advantage. Teamfights are very disgusting, and the speed of pushing lanes is very fast. Theoretically Speaking from the top, if the opponent’s bottom lane doesn’t have a good ability to push the lane, this hero can crush the opponent’s people during the laning period, and it is not by killing the opponent alone to crush the opponent, but It’s relying on the tower skin of the opponent’s defense tower to crush the opponent, let me tell you, if you play such a combination and take a tower, then don’t think about pushing the opponent’s second tower at this time, Immediately turn into the middle road.

ice + big head

A combination like Bingbing and Datou should be considered a popular combination in professional games. Some time ago, after this combination came out, many players started to play, and the effect was still very good. The key is such a combination, In fact, the combat power is still quite strong, especially the wave of the ice archer with a big move, basically as long as the archer’s big move hits the opponent’s person. Then the two heroes have the opportunity to directly kill the opponent’s hero. After all, if the hero of the big head strengthens the w skill, the overall output is still quite high, much more powerful than most of the soft assistants, and this hero can also Quickly eat the tower skins. ​

Teemo + female gun

This combination of Teemo and the female gun is estimated that few players will like to play. I encountered such a combination when I was playing in the Korean server some time ago. A dc must be the female gun. The hero Teemo is to use Your q skills will disgust the opponent’s person. After you have a big move, your self-interested big move will slow down the opponent. With the deceleration of the female gun and the output of the female gun’s big move, in theory, there is a chance to take away the opponent in one wave. Moreover, such a combination has a very long hand. As long as it is not restrained by the opponent’s lineup that consumes the flow, then the two combinations are quite powerful if they fight normally.

Small Cannon + Alchemy Baron

Small Cannon and Alchemy Baron, this should be considered a regular combination. It mainly relies on the control of the Baron to cooperate with the small cannon’s output. Let me tell you that such a combination must be used as much as possible in the early laning phase. Take the opponent first, because if you can control the opponent’s people, then according to the output ability of the small cannon, there is still a chance to take the opponent’s people away. At this time, the requirements for the small cannon are actually quite high. You go straight to the right time and jump over to harvest the head. If you say that you have made a mistake in your operation, you will never go back and forth, so for the shooter, the requirements are relatively high, and they often take the blame. ​