LOL Supreme Heaven Kuishanti Supreme Skin Review Some hero companion skins are released

Model: Compared with the original skin, the change is not small

What about this ultimate skin? We can see that after comparing with the original skin, you will find that this skin does not have a helmet, and has added a lot of exclusive patterns to it, and the weapon model also has the texture of crystal. A bit of crystal texture is also added to the collar, and you can see a very cool streamer effect in the game, while the normal original skin is just a burning flame effect, which is a little worse than this streamer effect.

Passive: not bad

You must know that this hero’s passive is quite strong, so the fist is also designed with a little special effect, it can be seen that it is the effect of a crown, and there is a big gem mark.

Ping A: Actually, not much has changed.

To be honest, a perfect skin may be very attentive, but you can’t ask for everything to be top-quality. Compared with ordinary skin, the change of this flat A is actually normal. Except for the color change, other things, Basically the same, after all, the flame special effects after hitting are actually attractive enough.

Q skill: the change is relatively large

How to say this? We can take a look at the skill special effects of this skin. After using the Q skill, we can clearly see the change of a ground special effect, turning it into a crystal shape.

When the Q skill hits the ground, you can see the skill range Nie, there is a crystal fragment, and the special effect of a butterfly appears. The design of this detail is still very good, it can only be said to be quite powerful.

We know that Q can have two layers of effects, and this one also has a certain size in the special effects, but this effect is not very obvious.


Let’s just put it this way, we only need to look at the special effects of this skill to know why it is very powerful, because every skill has the effect of a black hole.

Charge W skill

Such a skill design is also good, you can see a shield-like effect, and in order to match the overall model of the skin, the shield also has a crystal texture. It’s the action that looks a little bit crazy.

E skill

This is mainly to look at the shield effect. You can see that this shield has pattern special effects, and there are many special effects of gems and crowns on the top. More importantly, there are crystal fragments and shield around the shield. special effects.

R skills

How about this big trick? Many people say that it is not as good-looking as ordinary skins. In fact, this is not bad. After the name of the other party’s shame, there will be some special effects around.

After entering a so-called prosperous state, the special effects of skills are actually changed, but this change may not be easy to see in the visual effects.

back spring effect

We can take a look at this special effect. The special effects on the ground and surrounding areas are all crystal-like special effects, and another point is that the action special effects of skills have also been redesigned, but I personally don’t think this special effect is so handsome, that is, A normal level of excellence.

And the follow-up strength of this hero is not very clear, so generally speaking, you can use the original skin first, after all, the original skin knife is more handsome.