LOL-S12 semi-finals: Yagao Takik’s fatal rock burst operation is full, JDG extreme attack and defense 1-0 T1

#2022 Esports Season#

The first match of the 2022 League of Legends global finals semi-finals will be the LPL champion JDG team against the global finals triple crown champion T1 team! The winner will get the first ticket to advance to the S12 finals. In the first game, the two sides launched a suffocating offensive and defensive pull. JDG used a strong teamfight to cooperate with the T1 lock system to get the next game, breaking through the operation of T1 and taking a 1-0 lead.

first round

T1: Camille, Vi, Galio, Lucian, Nami

JDG: Weapon, Foyego, Taliyah, Aphelios, Lulu

T1’s handling in the laning phase was very delicate and gained the upper hand from the side lanes. Aphelios surrendered the flash during the blood exchange process, which attracted Wei’s target. Facing T1’s down-team team, Lulu forced it to surrender a blood. Also killed after replacing Lucian’s head. JDG Nakano took the opportunity to get the canyon pioneer, and then wanted to target Camille on the road, but the support speed of T1 was very amazing, even Nami quickly swam over to form a wave of 4 on 3, weapons and Foyego were killed in battle, Yan Que replaced Wei, and at the same time the bot JDG duo crossed the tower and killed Lucian. In response to the Luna offensive in the early and mid-term of T1, JDG chose to team up to defend, and rigorously worked hard to deal with the lock attack of T1’s upper, middle and jungle in the resource team battle to avoid being snowballed by T1.

Camille squatted down and was killed by JDG in the process of covering his teammates to advance to the first tower in the middle. Galio was also killed in order to rescue his teammates. JDG launched a counterattack and demolished the first tower in the middle. Then the two teams fought fiercely in the middle. JDG still used his weapon to fight back T1 even when Aphelios was beaten by seconds, and got the wind dragon soul draw card. T1 caught the vacancy of JDG’s formation and suddenly launched an attack, dropped Lulu and the weapon in seconds, and quickly turned into the big dragon pit. The three of JDG approached the dragon pit to attract T1 to start a group. In the next Fenglong soul team battle, T1 avoided the fight and directly exchanged it with the big dragon. The weapon helped the team get the wind dragon soul, but T1 also killed the big dragon and retreated as expected.

On the eve of the ancient dragon’s refresh, Galio suddenly flashed W in the vision of the partition wall card in the middle and pulled two people. T1 swarmed up and dropped Aphelios in seconds. JDG was forced to use fewer enemies and more enemies in the ancient dragon team battle, weapons and Foye. Ge desperately rushed into the dragon pit to attract firepower and disrupted the rhythm of T1. After Aphelios was resurrected and rushed to the battlefield, he forcibly repulsed T1 through the cooperation of double C’s 4-for-3. After the JDG players were resurrected, they immediately assembled to win the ancient dragon soul, and then turned into the big dragon to force T1 to take over the group. They killed everyone in T1 by destroying them one by one through explosive damage.