LOL-S12 semi-finals: Lucian’s holy spear baptism damage is on the table, T1 points push and pull 1-1 draw with JDG

#2022 Esports Season#

The first match of the 2022 League of Legends global finals semi-finals will be the LPL champion JDG team against the global finals triple crown champion T1 team! The winner will get the first ticket to advance to the S12 finals. T1 continued to focus on the Luna combination after losing the first game, and chose a very strong wing combination for the upper, middle and jungle, and disintegrated JDG’s formation through the ultimate split push operation, and finally pulled back a city steadily and steadily. 1 Go back to the same starting line.

second game

T1: Yone, Poppy, Ryze, Lucian, Nami

JDG: Malphite, Belvis, Silas, Aphelios, Lulu

The grass at the T1 duo first-level station wanted to put pressure on them, but the JDG duo did not hesitate at all, and directly All in all skills, attacked Aphelios and cut off Lucian’s blood and was replaced by Nami. In the middle, Belvis cooperated with Silas to almost kill Ryze, but at a critical moment Poppy came to save his teammates. Ryze was greedy to return to the city and was found by JDG Nakano and forced into the wild area, and was forced to choose to escape in the opposite direction to send the tower. The middle and jungle of the two sides gradually approached the bottom road. JDG wanted to control the first dragon for Belvis after securing the line and forced back T1, but Poppy broke into the dragon pit alone and took the dragon away. JDG took advantage of the trend to kill Poppy. Still helping Belvis refresh his ultimate, and caught Ryze’s flash in the middle. After JDG changed lanes, the attack on the wing was impatient, and mistakes gave T1 some opportunities. The two sides still maintained an anxious balance in the mid-term. T1 began to use their good split-push operation to pull JDG’s offense. Through the strong Luna The combination began to unfold the oppression.

In the case that the frontal team battle is not dominant, T1 began to play the role of Ryze and Yone, distracted JDG’s attention through extreme split push operations, and used the timing of JDG’s people in the second half to decisively Rush stole the dragon. , Next, Ryze and Yone continued to split and push on the top road to completely disrupt the rhythm of JDG. After several waves of exchanges, JDG suffered heavy losses. JDG was eager to launch the first move locally, but was disintegrated by T1’s counterattack one by one. After the death of three people Lose the upper and middle two highlands. The originally relatively balanced situation was torn apart by T1 in just a few minutes, and the economic gap of 5,000 yuan was suddenly opened. JDG was completely unable to handle T1’s split push.

After the fall of the two-way highland, JDG was unable to compete for the second dragon, and could only find the last chance to force the opening when T1 advanced to the bottom. However, T1 used stealing to disrupt JDG and launched a counterattack around Lucian, and successfully resolved JDG’s attack. The counterattack almost ended the game, and the resurrection of the JDG highland crystal temporarily delayed the progress of T1, but it was still difficult to find a chance to come back. After 33 minutes, JDG concentrated firepower to kill Ryze, but it was difficult to deal with Yon Lucian, who was defeated by T1 one by one and leveled the base. T1 pulled one back and the two sides fought a 1-1 draw.