LOL’s abandoned skin design draft, Guardian of the Stars, is ok


There are many design manuscripts in League of Legends, some are designed by players, some are designed by designers, in fact, what is designed by players, you can understand it as a submission, but the designers did not design these manuscripts in the end. It’s a waste. Let’s see which ones are a pity. First of all, the first one is the star guardian of the ice archer. In theory, this hero should be very suitable. The star guardian series, after all, its own model. And the special effects are pretty good. If you want to get a Guardian of the Stars, it feels at least a t2-level skin, and it may even be a legendary high-quality skin. It feels really a pity, but this concept fist can be considered Come on, after all, the Guardian of the Stars, Frost is really suitable.

Shen: Steampunk

The hero Shen has a series of steampunk skins. We can take a look at a draft prototype of this skin that was exposed at the beginning. Does it feel like a skin of at least 60 points or more? If we can design a little more skill effects , 70 or 80 points should be considered a chance. You must know that this hero has high-quality skins, not too many, and this steampunk style can actually design a lot of special effects and elements. If you can really make this skin If you take it out from the scrap pile, it feels like you can still get a high-quality t3-level skin.

EZ: Future Warrior + Video Game

Let’s see if Ezreal’s skin is interesting. We can feel that this is a skin for future warriors and video games, which means that both elements of special effects can exist a little bit, everyone. Do you like this style? However, I personally think that such a skin should not appear. Although it seems to be at least a T3 skin, the combination of the two styles will make this skin look different. If there are other , Concept words. Then the fist should not be able to get this skin out.

Yasuo: a little silly

Let’s take a look. Yasuo’s skin feels a bit silly, but this can be optimized. Let’s take a look at the overall style. The style of this skin should be OK. T3 skins are definitely available, but Considering that Yasuo has a lot of high-quality t2-level skins, I estimate that since the draft of this skin has been abandoned, theoretically, it should not continue to be released. So everyone thinks that such a skin, if you really get it out, will you take it? Seeing such a dress and dress, I personally think that there should be many players who will win it.

Ike: baseball player

The hero Ike has the skin of a baseball player. I have told you many times that the two sports of baseball and football are actually quite famous in the United States, but it is a pity that Riot has not integrated these two sports into In the game League of Legends, especially this baseball skin, do you think it matches the overall skill, action and concept of the hero Ike, but I don’t know why such a skin concept will be discarded, don’t you think? Are you planning to keep the enlargement move in the future?

Illaoi: Evil Priest

The hero Illaoi also has a concept skin of an evil priest. We can see that in this skin concept, Illaoi is no longer a normal hero. It can be seen that the face model has been redesigned, which is a bit like A monster, so this should be regarded as an evil type of skin. Do you think you will win this type of skin? In fact, the overall style is quite good. At least I personally think that I can try it in the future. After all, fists often come up with some hostile series styles. If this style is accepted, you can completely come up with a righteous style. ​