LOL: Leopard girl’s mark is so easy to hide, why are so many people playing in high-end games?

It is recommended to take a look at how DK played GenG in the LCK spring playoffs, how DK’s Canyon used Leopard Girl to beat GenG’s Peanut men and only made four cuts in four minutes.

Yes, in the LCK spring playoffs, Peanut’s team was defeated by the opposing Canyon Leopard girl, and only made four cuts in four minutes.

The Leopard Girl can appear in the high-end game, it is definitely not just the target role. She has high efficiency in brushing the jungle, and the gank is fast-paced. In the hands of people who play well, she can play the opposite jungle without any game experience.

As for the standard of Leopard Girl QQ, it can be said to be the icing on the cake, but it cannot be said that Leopard Girl only has one Q that is important. Moreover, the Leopard Girl’s mark is usually matched with the control of her teammates to deal huge damage. If the control skills of the high-end game are given, the Leopard Girl’s mark will definitely hit, and the person who is marked will be G; if the control is not given, the mark will not hit It doesn’t matter to the leopard girl:

The Leopard Girl’s standard is like Zoe’s Q. It belongs to the lottery. If you hit it, you will kill it. If you don’t hit, you will wait for the next shot, but for the opponent, it is unable to withstand the pressure of winning the bid/Q.

In addition, the professional players mentioned by the subject chose to hard-connect the bid because in addition to the bid, there is something even more inaccessible: control. In the middle and late stages of the high-end game, if any one person has the key to control you in one day, you basically just press P to start purchasing equipment. In contrast, there is still room for operation after one standard is connected. After all, Leopard Girl has no control.

Anyone who has played a big fight should be very clear about this problem, the Leopard Girl’s Q miss is not important to her. But for you, it’s too important, the prize is drawn every few seconds, and whoever hits it will retreat directly to the tower, and if you don’t win, wait a few more seconds.

Although I may not be able to reach the gold level at present, but a few days ago, I met a Leopard girl in platinum rank, with a win rate of more than 70. Tell me why I think Leopard Girl is a power leveling standard. Matching, high-end bureaus are also common.

I chose Malzaha with my red hair. Coincidentally, the opposite mid laner is also the same hero. We are just plain pushers, because the corruption potion and potion booster and cookies brought by my main E and vice W bring, the summoner. Skill TP, so it is advantageous to push the line all the time, and basically focus on pushing the line again, and strive to accumulate a little advantage, but it is not a river.

At this time, my screen shot moved to the side closer to the blue side, and the two grasses in the middle of the river, because I had to focus more on pushing the line to fill up troops and preventing GANK, so my attention was not at all. Behind me, the leopard girl came over from the passage of the defense tower below. At this time, there was no protection behind me, and I didn’t realize that I won the bid, but I was still passive.

Then I grew my mind, and as time went by, I was about the same speed as the opponent’s line push, so I tried my best to control the line in front of the tower. At this time, my attention was still on the line in front of me. And the passages on both sides of the defense tower, and then the Leopard Girl is at the corner next to our F4, and I am marked. At this time, I don’t have a shield, because the control line is easily broken by the shield, and I was killed by jumping the tower.

In fact, it can be seen from these two points that the Leopard Girl is not a standard or not, whether she hides well or not, it is because she knows the situation in the situation, and he can standard you where you are not paying attention, which greatly increases the success rate. So still, master, operation and consciousness coexist forever. He knows that you push the line, and will focus on pushing and ganking the river. He also knows that you are caught, the control line is still in front of you, and your back is always defenseless.

Moreover, when Leopard Girl is in the group, it is easy to hit the C position in one bid, and then go back to the city on the opposite side to form a 5v4, while the teammates keep up with the damage and take the C position in seconds.

Of course, this is just my superficial understanding, but I really don’t know how to play Leopard Girl. I just forgot to play the top single AD Leopard Girl when I was at S, and I played the blood-drinking sword, but my target was really not right, so I just had a big fight. It’s ok, after all, you can win a few times with your eyes closed.

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