LOL: If you don’t play bot lane AD to raise your father, but you’re tortured by assistants when you play bot lane? These two AD gameplays will never be slaves!


To say that the most painful position in the league is the single row AD, although it is said that in other lanes, watching your own bot lane raise a big dad to end the game will be very exciting. But when you go to the bottom road by yourself and encounter demons and ghosts to assist, it will be even more uncomfortable. Today, I will bring you two gameplays that can greatly reduce the impact of support, so that everyone can stabilize their development in the laning phase, and can also play a very good role in the team battle phase.

Initiate Curtain Blade EZ

The first thing to introduce is the most mixed ADC – EZ. EZ under the current mainstream gameplay, as a skill-based ADC, if there is no equipment advantage, or if it can well connect to A and ensure the hit of Q, it is not worthy of matching with any ADC, which makes EZ very difficult to operate. In teamfights, it is extremely test to take A. And teammates also need to have a sense of pulling and protecting in order to play their due role. Otherwise, EZ will either die suddenly, or it will be difficult to output to the opponent.

Therefore, when the composition of the teammates is unknown, the most cost-effective way to play EZ is to completely become a QZ, that is, to choose a three-piece set with the curtain blade, the scythe, and the demon as the core, supplemented by the first attack to improve the poke ability and development speed. , so that EZ can be rapidly formed, so that it is seamless in Q, three Q and one E. Only Q does not need to be flat A, to maximize the flexibility of EZ.

The core of this set of gameplay is that it is necessary to know that the first attack is only in the middle and late stages when there is certain equipment. When there is no equipment in the laning phase, it does not matter whether the first attack is triggered or not. Therefore, in the laning phase, we should treat initiative as no, and focus more on making up the knife, rather than triggering initiative through Q. Otherwise, in order to trigger the initiative, it is easy to give the opponent the opportunity to consume or force open.

Embrace the Nine Demons

Since Jhin was nerfed, his characteristics have changed from violent to functional. But in fact, Jhin’s life in the bot lane can be said to be more comfortable than EZ. After all, Jhin is more suitable for a group of law assistants represented by Xerath, and his consumption power in the bot lane is stronger. At the same time, the three skills of QWE are also very comfortable when used to fill the knife. However, the current traditional builds of Jhin have very limited AOE capabilities, and have insufficient clearing and endurance.

And the tears of the goddess in the early stage of Demon Sect can protect Jhin’s mana, so that Jhin can keep clearing his troops to keep his growth. Greed Hydra is to further enhance the ability to clear soldiers. In terms of damage, both pieces of equipment can provide a lot of attack power, plus the special effect damage, the two-piece set will not be much lower than the armor-piercing flow or the crit flow. But it has AOE capabilities and functionality that traditional genres can’t match (Mozong and Greed Jiu both provide good CDs).

At the same time, Jhin’s W can also imprison the enemy that is passively hurt by the greedy Hydra, which is very useful in actual combat. It can often Q and trigger the Hydra to imprison the opponent. After the two-piece set, you can choose according to personal preferences. It is recommended to choose the curtain blade to obtain a high CD to maximize the functionality, but you can also choose the wind to obtain a displacement.


These two routines are unreasonable at first glance, very deviant, but in fact, you will find that they are really fragrant. Both EZ and Jhin can choose Goddess Tears to go out, so although the first-level dueling ability is a bit poor, but after returning home once, there will be sufficient mana, which can ensure the subsequent development of the supplementary knife and transition to the mid-term. And because the goddess shed tears early, the second piece of equipment can make Demon Sect, the Scythe of Extraction + Demon Sect’s EZ and the greedy Hydra + Demon Sect’s Jhin, the damage in the two-piece suit is very high. horrifying.