“Localization” and then upgrade! This biochemical immune assembly line is really “different”!

On October 26, the annual China International Laboratory Medicine and Blood Transfusion Instrument Reagent Expo (2022 CACLP) kicked off in Nanchang. At the meeting, Beckman Coulter displayed the solutions of smart inspection and disease management in an all-round way with a large booth of 324 square meters, and brought local brand Beihuakang and many localized products: DxA5000 automatic sample processing system, ADX- E1 automatic sample processing system, i-Reader H FIT dry immunoassay system, etc. appeared at CACLP.


Beihuakang Biochemical Immune Pipeline T6000 was officially released


Since the beginning of its development in China, Beckman Coulter has continued to increase local investment, firmly assisting China’s laboratory medicine, and realizing the localization of many products. On the opening day, the T6000 biochemical immune assembly line jointly launched by Beckman Coulter and Lihe Biological held a major new product launch conference. In addition to the senior leaders of both parties, the conference also invited the vice president of the National Health Industry Enterprise Management Association, the president of the Medical Laboratory Industry Branch, the vice president of the Shanghai Institute of Experimental Medicine, and the founder of CACLP, Professor Song Haibo, and the Shanghai Institute of Experimental Medicine. Professor Wang Hualiang, dean and chairman of the Experimental Medicine Branch of the National Health Industry Enterprise Management Association, came to witness.


Group photo of guests present at the launch ceremony



Song Haibo

Vice President of National Health Industry Enterprise Management Association, President of Medical Testing Industry Branch, Vice President of Shanghai Institute of Experimental Medicine, Founder of CACLP

Professor Song Haibo expressed his congratulations on the successful launch of Beihuakang’s T6000 automated assembly line. He believes that the launch of the localized brand Beihuakang, with efficient R&D and innovative products, will provide automation and intelligent solutions for more domestic inspection laboratories. Looking forward to Beihuakang’s greater contribution to the development of China’s laboratory medicine.


Chen Xiaosui

Beckman Coulter Global Vice President, General Manager of China

Ms. Chen Xiaosui said in her speech that by launching a comprehensive automated inspection solution, the Beihuakang brand can improve the diagnosis and treatment capabilities and service quality of primary hospitals and regional inspection centers, and promote the construction and implementation of a hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system. In the future, Beihuakang will actively explore and innovate, develop and manufacture high-level and all-round localized products, and build a benchmark in China’s inspection industry.


Hu Zhenai

Deputy General Manager of Lihe Biological

Mr. Hu Zhenai said in his speech that he was very happy to reach a strategic cooperation with Beckman Coulter to jointly launch Beihuakang products suitable for the Chinese market. He believed that Beihuakang could provide more customers with reliable, personalized and cost-effective products. products and services.


Beckman Coulter has been deeply involved in China for more than 40 years, and has won the recognition and praise of the majority of users with its advanced technology, reliable quality and high-quality service. This time, Beckman Coulter and Lihe Biological have reached a strategic cooperation to jointly launch “Beihuakang” products suitable for the Chinese market. I believe that Beihuakang can provide more customers with reliable, personalized and more cost-effective products and services.

The release ceremony of Beihuakang T6000 automatic sample processing system

DBS at China In Vitro Diagnostics Industry Development Conference

On October 27th, on the second day of the CACLP conference, the 9th China IVD Industry Development Conference was grandly held, focusing on the new trends and development of the IVD industry, and invited well-known experts, scholars and entrepreneurs in the industry to focus on how to be more effective under the new situation. To build a healthy industry ecology, promote the healthy development of the industry, respond to the opportunities and challenges brought by various elements, and carry out all-round, multi-dimensional and in-depth sharing and discussions.


Li Jingyu

DBS Director, Danaher Diagnostic Platforms

Ms. Li Jingyu was invited to give a speech at the conference. She talked about the topic of “DBS Lean System Empowers Hospital Management”. DBS is a unique business system of Danaher. Beckman Coulter applied the lean management concept of DBS to hospital management. To help hospitals establish a scientific, standardized and efficient laboratory management system, improve the refined management level of hospitals and medical laboratories, improve quality and efficiency, and achieve the development goal of a healthy China.


As one of the first foreign IVD companies to enter China, Beckman Coulter has nearly 50 years of localized development experience in China. Sharing and complementary advantages to achieve win-win cooperation. In the future, Beckman Coulter will continue to promote localized cooperation, intensify research and development efforts, improve the automation and intelligence of products, help improve laboratory quality and efficiency, and develop and produce diagnostic products and smart laboratory solutions that meet the needs of the local market. , for the benefit of Chinese patients.

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