Living up to expectations, Bilian Sheng won the Brand Award at the 17th Asian Brand Festival

Source: Financial Industry Information

  Recently, the “17th Asian Brand Ceremony”, known as the “Oscar of the Year” for Asian brands, was held in Hainan Free Trade Port. – Co-hosted by China Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Macau Commercial Daily and Asia-Pacific First Satellite TV. Biliansheng, a well-known hair transplant organization in China, was invited to attend and was elected as one of the top ten leading brands in the Chinese industry. You Lina, chairman of Biliansheng, was elected as one of the top ten innovative figures in Asia.

  At the event, Yu Lina was invited to attend the theme forum of “Entrepreneur’s Health and Corporate Brand Competitiveness”. At the forum, You Lina said, “The establishment of a brand is inseparable from solid technical strength and management methods. In terms of technology, Biliansheng launched its self-developed non-shaved hair transplant technology in 2020. Not shaving hair has always been a concept that is often mentioned, but it is difficult to realize, and Biliansheng’s hair transplant technology without shaving has made this concept truly implemented for the first time.”

  Yu Lina further said, “In terms of management, Biliansheng has established a unified and standardized brand system, operation system, training system, medical treatment process and service standards. All branches across the country follow unified management standards to ensure that users across the country can enjoy To provide consistent quality service. At the doctor team level, Biliansheng has established a strict selection system, a professional assessment system and a complete training system to ensure that every doctor has a compliance qualification certificate issued by the state, and that every doctor The surgical operation is standardized and safe.”

  Yu Lina, Chairman of Biliansheng, made a speech at the forum

  It is understood that Biliansheng was established in 2005. It is a national direct chain organization dedicated to the independent research and development and clinical application of hair transplant technology. For 18 years, he has participated in the World Hair Transplant Conference for 13 consecutive years, showing Chinese hair transplant technology to the world. At present, Biliansheng has opened more than 40 directly-operated institutions across the country, with more than 100 practical doctors and more than 800 professional medical care teams, among which, there are 11 chief physicians/deputy chief physicians, accounting for the highest proportion in the entire industry.

  In the era of brand economy, the brand value of an enterprise is no longer a virtual concept, it is the real embodiment of the future development capability of the enterprise. It is also a comprehensive symbol of the economic competitiveness of enterprises and even regions. At present, Biliansheng is making every effort to promote the upgrade of its brand strategy. By establishing a technology research and development center, reshaping its service system, expanding its flagship hospital, and developing its own brand hair care products, it continues to deepen its industry layout, strengthen the integration of upstream and downstream resources, and build a comprehensive collection of The closed loop of hair health industry ecology integrating hair raising, hair care, hair health and hair transplant.

  You Lina said, “In the future, Biliansheng will continue to make persistent efforts, continue to be proactive, pioneering and innovative, and will continue to base itself on itself, respond to consumer needs, iteratively upgrade the service system, and innovate and develop high-quality products. To provide users with more professional hair transplant, maintenance The development of services will bring broader development prospects to the industry.”