Liu Zhixuan leads the championship ring Yang Ming: I miss the days when you sent the sideline ball

  Beijing time on October 28th, in the 8th round of the 2022-2023 CBA regular season, the Suzhou Kendia team narrowly defeated the Liaoning team 91-90.

  Before the game, Liu Zhixuan, a former Liaoning player who was transferred to Kendia, was awarded the championship ring of last season.

  After receiving the ring, Liu Zhixuan did not play in the game against his old club. The Kendia team narrowly defeated Liaoning by 1 point. The Liaoning team made a sideline ball error in the last 4.9 seconds.

  After the game, Liu Zhixuan expressed his gratitude to the Liaoning team. He said that this championship ring is not only a glory, but also his motivation.

  The head coach of the Liaoning team, Yang Ming, thanked Liu Zhixuan for his contribution to the Liaoning team, and joked: “I really miss the days when you sent the sideline ball.”

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