Liu Yifei was filming in the studio, and more than a dozen people waited on it, showing a supermodel, wearing a wedding dress and lying on the ground, the posture is really awesome

When shooting fashion blockbusters, women will choose high-end dresses. As the most advanced style of dresses, dress skirts have always played a good role. Although the style is limited by the influence of styles, it is relatively simple, but dresses The kind of temperament and charm displayed by the skirt is really not comparable to ordinary skirts.

The immortal sister Liu Yifei has impressed us the most in the past few years. It is in the way of clothing. In the past, the Liu Yifei we saw was like a lady, and the style was relatively simple, but now it is different. The style is very popular. The high-level atmosphere of filming and attending events, and the style of the lady next door in private is impressive.

Dressing Tips: Mesh Dress Skirts

Advantages: dreamy, sweet, very advanced

There are many kinds of dresses, but when it comes to the most pleasing to women, it has to be the mesh dress. The texture of the see-through looks like a fairy. It swings with the wind. Like, even some large-scale events and when taking beautiful photos, women give priority to it.

This time, when I resumed work and took beautiful photos, Liu Yifei in the studio chose a mesh dress. The thick skirt has a layered feeling. It looks extraordinarily delicate and very dreamy. In addition, my sister has her own fairy temperament, really It is picturesque and beautiful.

Tips for dressing: One-sided off-the-shoulder

Advantages: very distinctive, no flaws

A single product such as a dress skirt must be embellished with skin-exposing elements, so as to show its charm, but the size of the skin-exposing size must be grasped, and there should be no sense of incongruity, otherwise it is easy to lower the shape. Aesthetics, generally speaking, women like to take the shoulders as their beauty, such as the one-sided off-shoulders that are very popular at the moment, which are very beautiful.

This time, my sister chose to show the shoulders on one side, one on the left and one on the left, and leaning on the shoulder strap on the left to enhance the sense of delicacy of the shape, it is very interesting, there are more than a dozen people watching and waiting around, very model, the picture beautiful.

Dressing Tips: Simple and Elegant Color Matching

Advantages: high-level atmosphere, show skin texture

Color affects the beauty of women’s clothing, especially for dresses and skirts. In order to show their attractive figure, they will choose elements with higher color saturation, so as to attract people’s attention, but with dew The style of the skin, the color is still simple, and the basic colors like those are not without highlights, which can show the effect of the skin.

The color choice of Liu Yifei’s dress is quite good. The dark blue color scheme is very plain, but it is still very eye-catching when worn on her sister’s body. Bouncy and breakable, baby-like skin.

Dressing Tips: Pan Fang Style

Advantages: elegant and generous, full of femininity

As an indispensable part of dress and skirt styling, hairstyle has always occupied a very important position. The hairstyles chosen by different styles are also very different. Generally speaking, in order to show the aura of women, they like simple and neat styles. , such as directly in the back of the head or something, to make the shape more delicate.

This time, Liu Yifei chose the hairstyle with curly hair, revealing her natural forehead. It can be said that she is very good-looking, her skin is white and beautiful, and her temperament is outstanding, especially the posture of her sister lying on her side on the ground is absolutely stunning and beautiful.

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