Liu Weiwei: Qingdao has high fighting spirit and unity, but the players are inexperienced

  Beijing time on October 28th, in the 8th round of the 2022-2023 CBA regular season, the Qingdao team narrowly defeated the Guangsha team 80-79, ending a 3-game losing streak. After the game, Qingdao head coach Liu Weiwei praised the team’s fighting spirit and unity.

  ”I’m very happy to win this game. We have lost three games in this stage. It’s a pity. But our team has maintained a very high fighting spirit in terms of thinking and cohesion. We carefully prepare for each game. In the game, everyone was very united, and the loss did not affect the morale of the team.” Liu Weiwei said.

  ”In addition, the leaders of the entire group have been encouraging everyone in our team, including President Zhang, to release the pressure on me as a coach and athlete. Our coaching team’s daily preparations, opponent analysis, and video recordings are all very united. And it is very dedicated to ensure that the players clearly handle the ball on the court and play well.”

  Finally, Liu Weiwei talked about the current shortcomings of the Qingdao team. “Technically speaking, the Qingdao team now ranks among the top defensive teams in the league. We are only young, we are dealing with the ball, and there is a gap in our personal skills, abilities, and personal experience. So we maintain this same level today. A strong defense, actively fighting for rebounds. I think in addition to this game, I hope everyone will maintain this state in the last game of this stage. Then use the time of the window period, we will summarize the shortcomings and continue to improve.” Liu Weiwei said.

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