Liu Weiwei: Inside players who lack rim protection play softly when young

  On October 21, Beijing time, in the fifth round of the 2022-2023 CBA regular season, the Jilin team narrowly defeated the Qingdao team 97-95 in overtime. After the game, the generals of the Qingdao team all said that it was a pity to lose this game, and the pit dug for himself in the first half was too deep.

  Qingdao team coach Liu Weiwei summed up the game and said: “This game is still a pity, we mainly did not do well in the first half, but in the situation of backwardness and adversity, everyone fought well and did not give up. Our main focus now is It’s still too weak in the rebounding area, and there is no insider who can protect the rim. In addition, the domestic players are relatively young as a whole. Today, apart from the two scoring points of Wang Ruize and Zhao Jiayi, other words have basically nothing to contribute, so this is The ball is tiring.”

  Liu Weiwei said that the players still lacked self-confidence and played softly. “I still lack self-confidence on the court today. The team is young, especially at critical times. One rebound and one defense may win the game. It just so happens that we are not as good as Jilin team in this regard today. Jilin team still plays at critical times. We played relatively hard, and we played a little softly.” Liu Weiwei said.

  Qingdao player Zhao Jiayi summed up the game and said: “This is still a pity, we had a chance in overtime. The pit dug was too big in the first half, our team is relatively young, and there are still many games in the future, we can’t mentally. Loosen, we have to go up.”

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