Liu Wanjia succeeded Wang Jun as vice president of after-sales, perhaps just a new puppet?

For Jaguar Land Rover, which has been rotten in the domestic market, there has finally been some new news recently. The senior management of Jaguar Land Rover ushered in personnel changes. Liu Wanjia succeeded Wang Jun as the executive vice president of after-sales service of the joint organization, and was fully responsible for the after-sales service of the two brands of Jaguar Land Rover in the domestic market. This personnel change almost confirms the fact that Jaguar Land Rover has poor after-sales service.

Seeing this, some people may ask that the domestic market of Jaguar Land Rover is shrinking rapidly, and the impact on after-sales should not be small. Putting this aside, let’s take a look at the comparison between Jaguar Land Rover’s glory days and its current status. The peak period for Jaguar Land Rover was in 2017, with a total of 146,399 units sold throughout the year. As most models with a unit price of more than 500,000 yuan, such a sales performance is worthy of the title of a first-tier luxury brand.

In the first half of 2022, the sales volume of Jaguar Land Rover was only 13,000 units, showing a lonely attitude, and it has gradually become a luxury brand with three stops in China, and the market volume and market ownership have dropped sharply. What’s more worth mentioning is that among the 103,800 sales of Jaguar Land Rover in 2021, the joint venture models and imported models are basically the same, which means that Chery Land Rover and Chery Jaguar have not done a good job of localizing the market.

Coupled with the transfer of Jaguar Land Rover to India’s Tata Group, the domestic brand recognition has dropped significantly. Before that, Jaguar Land Rover was born in Britain, where the automobile industry is strong. It is a classic British luxury brand, and it has always been a unique and individual existence in the luxury car market. After being acquired by India, Jaguar Land Rover joined hands with Chery to enter the domestic market, and was gradually labeled as “Indian Asan”, “Nouveau riche”, “Coal Boss”, etc., which brought Jaguar Land Rover’s reputation to the bottom and sales also slumped.

Of course, the labels given by people are finally confirmed, which is obviously inseparable from the problems of the vehicle itself. Especially Chery Land Rover, in order to highlight its cost-effective advantage, not only sacrificed product quality, but also greatly affected its reputation. Therefore, there is an embarrassing situation in which Chery Land Rover sells at a crazy discount and no one buys it, and imported Land Rover can only buy it at a price increase.

Many car owners who have purchased Jaguar Land Rover are suffering even more after sale. On the one hand, due to frequent vehicle quality problems, many car owners face recalls when they purchase Land Rover for the first time. On the other hand, because Jaguar Land Rover has relatively few offline after-sales points, car owners who have after-sales needs have inconvenience after sales, which greatly affects the daily car experience. There is also the problem of high maintenance costs, which is also a place where many car owners are miserable. There is also the problem of poor after-sales experience, which makes it difficult for car owners who are driving Jaguar Land Rover or who are about to buy Jaguar Land Rover.

Speaking of aftermarket issues, Jaguar Land Rover has also made some attempts. For example, in the digital service launched in 2021, car owners can directly make an appointment for door-to-door car pickup and delivery services through the APP. Whether it is repair or maintenance, or even the repair and maintenance process, they can all be viewed through the APP. In theory, it is indeed very suitable for today’s fast-paced era, which can help car owners save time to a greater extent. In fact, the actual experience of Jaguar Land Rover’s digital services is not perfect, which is also related to the number of offline stores and operating costs. Because of this, even if Leopard Land Rover took a big step forward, it did not restore the reputation of after-sales.

And this time when Liu Wanjia serves as Jaguar Land Rover’s vice president of after-sales, can he improve Jaguar Land Rover’s after-sales system? The answer is obvious, it’s hard to do. Jaguar Land Rover now faces many problems, and the first thing that needs to be solved is the survival of the domestic market. How to make consumers willing to choose Jaguar Land Rover again is what they need to do more now, and the Group’s funds and support will also be tilted towards these aspects.

In terms of after-sales, considering that Jaguar Land Rover’s market presence is getting lower and lower, it is even more difficult to invest more costs in the construction of the after-sales system. If the current aftermarket level is maintained, it will be difficult to change everyone’s views on Jaguar Land Rover’s aftermarket. As for Liu Wanjia’s ability, according to the existing public resume. He graduated from Jilin University with a master’s degree in vehicle engineering.

He has served as the director of the regional market public relations department of FAW-Volkswagen, the director of the market strategy department of the Volkswagen brand and the director of the project management of the Jetta brand. Now serving as Jaguar Land Rover’s vice president of after-sales, perhaps just a new puppet. After all, the current Jaguar Land Rover needs to solve too many problems, only relying on Liu Wanjia is obviously far from enough. Of course, Jaguar Land Rover made this adjustment, which also reflects the group’s determination to change.

Although the overall situation of Jaguar Land Rover is not clear, it will maintain the annual sales threshold of 100,000 vehicles in 2021, stopping the trend of three consecutive years of sales decline. In 2021, when there is a shortage of chips, Jaguar Land Rover can give such a performance, which is not bad for itself, and it also means that Jaguar Land Rover did not fail as everyone imagined.

In addition, a domestic employee of Jaguar Land Rover revealed that the shareholding ratio of Chery and Jaguar Land Rover in the joint venture between the two may change. The current internal discussions are very intense, and both sides want to get more shares and gain greater control. At present, the shareholding ratio of both Chinese and foreign parties is 50%. If this adjustment can be realized, it will bring great changes to Jaguar Land Rover’s future operation in the domestic market.

The current overall situation is skewed in favor of Jaguar Land Rover, and internal staff also want to see such a situation. After all, there is indeed too much uncertainty for Chery Jaguar Land Rover employees. If foreign Jaguar Land Rover can gain more voice and have the opportunity to obtain more resources, it is also possible to greatly improve the future market performance. However, there has been no further progress, but it also reflects that Jaguar Land Rover is seeking to change.

Regardless of the final result, everything is worth looking forward to.