Liu Genghong and his wife ViVi will start Taobao live broadcast, which is premiering on Double 11

Pinwan, October 28th, according to Sina Technology, another Douyin leader, Liu Genghong and his wife ViVi, will be on Taobao Live in the near future, and will premiere on October 31st, the Double 11 sale day.

It is currently in the state of investment promotion. The investment promotion posters from the brands that cooperate with Liu Genghong show that Liu Genghong’s wife ViVi will start Taobao live broadcast on October 31; Liu Genghong himself and his wife ViVi will broadcast live on November 9. At present, their investment promotion is mainly for 6 categories, namely health food, health care, personal care and home cleaning, 3C digital, clothing accessories, daily necessities. The product requires the lowest price on the entire network for 60 days, and it will be shipped within 48 hours and support 7 days for no reason to return.

In addition, Sina Technology found that the current Taobao live broadcast room named “ViVi Fatty Oil Ka Ka Ka Chuo” has been opened.

Source: Taobao