Listen to my advice, breaking 100 in 3.8 seconds is likely to be extravagant and wasteful for you!

Many new electric vehicles will show the parameter of 100 kilometers acceleration, and this acceleration performance is often one of the main selling points of many electric vehicles.

However, many netizens directly pointed out that in fact, many car owners do not need to accelerate so fast. Instead of focusing on acceleration performance, it is better to solve the anxiety of cruising range.

So, is zero-hundred acceleration important? Are these netizens right?

Why are electric car companies fighting to accelerate?

In the current electric vehicle circle, car companies have begun to compare zero-hundred-hundred-speed acceleration. Today I am accelerating in 5 seconds, tomorrow you are accelerating in 4 seconds, and the day after tomorrow, we will accelerate in 3 seconds. almost.

Even half a second faster than the competition will be hyped.

Some electric vehicles, although the acceleration time of 100 kilometers is very powerful, but the cruising range performance is only at the level of 300 to 400 kilometers, and such a relatively general cruising ability performance is intentionally or unintentionally ignored by electric vehicle companies, or not. How to mention.

To put it bluntly, electric car companies that blindly emphasize their zero-hundred acceleration are suspected of using their advantages to weaken their shortcomings.

Even if it breaks 100 in 3.8 seconds, does it mean much to the common people?

It should also be pointed out that in real life, there are not many consumers who need extreme acceleration performance. Unless you are the kind of car fan who drives passionately on the track, or “plays with cars”, you can break 100 or 100 in 3.8 seconds. It is 8.8 seconds to break 100. For you, the difference is not big.

And now that the city roads are congested, you drive during the rush hour, no matter if you are accelerating at the supercar level, you have to follow the buttocks of the car in front honestly. If you want to drive faster, an accelerator may cause a rear-end collision.

At the same time, for the vast majority of car owners, the acceleration performance of 100 kilometers in 7-10 seconds is actually enough, and few car owners have the idea of ​​”squeezing out” the power of the vehicle.

In addition, electric vehicles that accelerate extremely fast are not easy to control. If the driver accidentally steps on the accelerator pedal, it is easy to cause safety hazards to vehicles and pedestrians on the road.

In addition, the stronger the acceleration performance, the greater the impact on the vehicle chassis. In the long run, the aging and deformation of the chassis will also be accelerated; the faster the acceleration performance of the electric vehicle, the greater the current output, but the large current will affect the electrode The impact of the material will cause heat or dendrites, which will also cause certain damage to the battery.

concluding remarks

In all honesty, for ordinary people, it is better to increase the cruising range by 100km than 100km acceleration in 3 seconds. After all, the road is not a racing track, and we care more about practicality than acceleration.

So, what do you think of the 100-kilometer acceleration performance of electric vehicles? Welcome to leave a message and interact!