List of important events next week: domestic May PMI announcement; OPEC and non-OPEC oil-producing countries ministerial meeting held; infrastructure REITs will make offline inquiries

List of important events next week: domestic May PMI announcement; OPEC and non-OPEC oil-producing countries ministerial meeting held; infrastructure REITs will make offline inquiries

List of important financial events from May 29th to June 4th:

1. Important events

Monday: OECD publishes economic outlook report; brain-computer interface innovation and development forum held

Tuesday: 2024 FOMC voting committee, Richmond Fed Chairman Barkin to participate in the monetary policy and outlook video conference hosted by the National Association for Business Economics (NABE)

Wednesday: European Central Bank announces financial stability assessment report; MSCI series index monthly adjustment takes effect after the market close, MSCI China Index newly includes 53 Chinese stocks and excludes 13 stocks; NATO foreign ministers meeting held

Thursday: 2023 FOMC voting committee, Philadelphia Fed Chairman Harker participates in discussions on the global macroeconomic and monetary environment; the Fed releases the Beige Book on economic conditions; the European Central Bank releases the minutes of the May monetary policy meeting

Friday: 2023 FOMC vote committee, Philadelphia Fed President Harker speaks on economic outlook

Sunday: 35th OPEC and non-OPEC ministerial meeting to be held

2. Important data

Monday: Canada National Economic Confidence Index to May 26

Tuesday: Eurozone May Industrial Sentiment Index; Eurozone May Consumer Confidence Index Final; Eurozone May Economic Sentiment Index

Wednesday: China May official manufacturing PMI; US May Chicago PMI

Thursday: U.S. API crude oil inventories for the week to May 26; China’s Caixin manufacturing PMI in May; Eurozone May manufacturing PMI final value; Eurozone May CPI

Friday: U.S. Unemployment Rate in May

Focus on:

On the international front, concerns about the technical default of the U.S. government debt have intensified. If the U.S. Congress fails to reach an agreement on raising the U.S. debt ceiling before “Day X”, the U.S. government debt will undergo a technical default. Comes on the 1st. We believe that there should be no precedent for a technical breach of contract. No matter how long the default is, it will have a huge impact on the market. Judging from the market performance, all parties are insufficiently prepared for the arrival of “Day X”. In the crude oil market, pay attention to the pace of production reduction in oil-producing countries.

Domestically, the May PMI will be announced soon. Although the prospect of economic recovery has been established, all parties in the market still have expectations for the May PMI.

3. Popular companies expected to disclose financial reports

Huazhu, Tiger Securities, Hewlett-Packard, Noah Fortune, Gaotu, Burning Rock, Best Group, American Superconductor, Bilibili, Dell

4. New shares and new bonds

Next week, 5 new shares of A shares will be subscribed

Monday: Tianjian 301383 (consumer electronics), Shuangyuan Technology 688623 (automation equipment)

Tuesday: Haojiang Intelligent 301320 (automation equipment)

Wednesday: Nanwang Technology 301355 (packaging and printing), Canadian Solar 688472 (power equipment)

Thursday: None

Friday: None

5. Xinfa Fund

Next week, a total of 17 new funds (class A and class C combined statistics) will be issued, including 5 bond funds; 2 partial debt hybrid funds; 5 partial stock hybrid funds; 1 common stock fund; index funds 1; 2 FOF funds; 1 infrastructure REITs

Bond funds: Yongying Haoyi One-Year Fixed Bond Initiator (Yang Ye), Dongfanghong 30-day rolling holding of pure bonds A and C (Ding Rui), GF Jingjia pure bonds (Zhao Ziliang), Nanfang Jinxiang Steady Addition Bonds A, C (Wu Ranjie), China Universal Double-Enjoy Increased Interest Bonds A, C (Song Peng, Sun Dan)

Partial Debt Hybrid Fund: Bank of Communications Stable Advance Fengli 6-month holding period mixed A, C (Zhou Shanshan), Fuanda China Securities Interbank Certificate of Deposit AAA Index 7-day holding period (Kang Jiayan)

Partial stock mixed funds: Penghua high-end equipment one-year holding period mixed A, C (Yang Fei), Pengyang balanced growth mixed A, C (Wu Xiyan), Golden Eagle prosperity driven one-year holding mixed A, C (Ni Chao), ICBC Linghang three-year holding mix (Du Yang, Hu Zhili, Sheng Zhenshan, Tan Donghan), Sino-European industry Xinxuan mix A, C (Qian Yafengyun)

Ordinary stock funds: Chuangjin Hexin Industry Rotation Quantitative Stock Selection Stock A, C (Dong Liang, Li Tianfeng)

Index Fund: GF Guozheng Communication ETF (Xia Haoyang)

FOF funds: CCB Tianfu Youxiang has a stable pension goal and holds bonds (FOF) for one year (Jiang Hua), Zhongou Yingxuan aggressively holds mixed (FOF) A and C (Sang Lei) for 3 months

Infrastructure REITs: Zhongjin Hubei Science and Technology Investment Optics Valley REIT (Guo Yu, Chen Rongrong, Zhou Jiachen)

Note: The name of the fund in brackets is the proposed fund manager

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