Lion Ecology 2023 Releases Starway Yaoguang as the Leader of Smart Technology

On October 27th, Starway Motors held the Yaoguang Lab-Lion Ecology 2023 Media Analysis Conference in Beijing with the theme of “Yaoguang Sees the Future”, at which it explained its latest smart cockpit and the Lion’s ecological layout . Lion Ecology 2023 will be carried on Xingtu Yaoguang for the first time.

In September this year, Chery Group released the “Yaoguang 2025” forward-looking technology strategy, covering the four major technical fields of Mars Architecture, Star Nuclear Power, Lion Intelligence, and Galaxy Ecology, and creating a platform including platform architecture, three power, intelligent driving, and Zhiyun platform. 13 core technologies, including the ecosystem, to build a technological innovation chain for the new era. In the next five years, Starway will invest more than 100 billion yuan, cultivate more than 20,000 R&D talents, establish 300 Yaoguang laboratories, support cross-science and cross-border technology research, and promote the realization of Yaoguang 2025 strategy.

As the first model of Lion Ecology 2023, Yaoguang achieves a stronger intelligent experience at the same level through the four dimensions of strong architecture, strong hardware, strong audio-visual and strong intelligent driving. At the architectural level, Yaoguang has applied the latest EEA4.0 electronic and electrical architecture to achieve faster transmission and intelligent iteration with Gigabit Ethernet, soft-hard separation and full-vehicle OTA functions. At the audio-visual level, Yaoguang’s new HMI interface follows the latest aesthetic and simple design principles to create a three-dimensional vision, and has a 24-hour day and night mode, bringing the ultimate visual enjoyment.

In terms of intelligent assisted driving, Yaoguang is equipped with L2.99 intelligent driving assistance system, has AVP autonomous valet parking function, and can automatically memorize parking spaces. Yaoguang also has NOC navigation assisted driving function, which supports high-level assisted driving functions such as automatic overtaking and lane change, automatic adjustment of cruising speed, automatic on-ramp and high-speed switching.

Yaoguang is equipped with the golden combination of Snapdragon 8155 smart chip + Android11, which realizes the quick start of the car within 4 seconds, the voice dialing in 4 seconds, the face recognition in 5 seconds, and the continuous input of more than 20 voices in 30 seconds. Yaoguang also has a 50W wireless charging function to achieve fast mobile phone charging.

Yaoguang will also be equipped with a 24.6-inch curved dual screen, and provide users with a smoother experience through 0.7mm Gorilla Glass. The screen has a built-in Starway HMI3.0 platform, with a simple design and rich content, creating a more fashionable three-dimensional visual effect.

At the event site, Starway also brought an intelligent flight cabin for verifying scientific and technological achievements. According to reports, the equipment in the cabin can be plugged and unplugged arbitrarily according to the needs of the experiment to complete different experimental goals. In addition, the wheelbase of the cabin can be changed according to different experimental requirements.

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The Starway brand has been established for three years. It has not only achieved excellent results in the domestic market, but also surpassed the domestic market in sales in overseas markets. Through continuous R&D investment, the intelligent level of Starway cockpit has reached the forefront of independent brands. Yaoguang, the first model equipped with Lion Eco 2023, will officially roll off the production line in November, and we will bring you more reports at that time.