Linyi Lunan Skin Hospital _ dietary taboos for patients with neurodermatitis

  Linyi Lunan Skin Hospital introduced that in the cold winter, neurodermatitis often occurs, and this season is also a high incidence period of neurodermatitis. Here, everyone should prevent neurodermatitis and neurodermatitis in time during this season. There are many prevention methods, and neurodermatitis can also be prevented through diet, so what are the dietary taboos for patients with neurodermatitis?

  Neurodermatitis diet what to eat

  1. Avoid spicy and irritating foods: These foods are pungent, dry and warm, causing wind and blood consumption, which can aggravate blood heat and aggravate symptoms. At the same time, these foods also have the effect of warming yang, which can make the cerebral cortex happy and excited, thereby aggravating the disease.

  2. Do not eat fishy hairy things: because these foods are easy to accumulate dampness and generate nitrogen, help heat and move wind, aggravate rheumatic fever, and aggravate the symptoms of skin lesions.

  3. Avoid drinking irritating beverages: due to the hot and spicy tobacco and alcohol, it is good at walking away from the skin, producing heat and consuming blood, making the blood heat even worse. At the same time, it can stimulate the cerebral cortex and produce a high degree of happiness, thereby aggravating the condition.

  4. Do not eat all kinds of qi and blood products: because these foods warm and nourish yang can help heat and generate wind, make blood dry even more, and make the disease protracted and difficult to heal.

  What are the side effects of neurodermatitis drugs

  1. Photosensitive stimulant drugs: After this drug is used, it mainly stimulates melanocytes to increase their activity to produce more melanin. After use, the patient usually needs to be exposed to the sun. During this period, the patient should pay great attention to the non-lesion skin. , especially for the protection of the eyes and other parts to prevent sunburn, in addition, long-term use of this drug is also detrimental to the skin.

  2. The side effects of hormonal drugs are very large, so they cannot be used for a long time, and even for infants, pregnant women, etc., it is strictly prohibited to use, so patients are not recommended to use such drugs in treatment.

  3. There are many types of western medicines, but basically, the side effects of treatment are similar to those of western medicines that we commonly use. Because of their strong pertinence, they are often used as adjuvant drugs.

  4. In the treatment of neurodermatitis, traditional Chinese medicine mostly adopts the method of compounding adjuvant drugs. This method can effectively eliminate the cause of neurodermatitis, and the side effects of traditional Chinese medicine itself are relatively small. Combined with the micro-penetration treatment technology of traditional Chinese medicine , the side effects will be smaller in treatment, so it is very suitable for patients with neurodermatitis.

  Warm reminder, in the diet of patients with neurodermatitis, it is necessary to prohibit eating some foods that nourish blood and qi. At the same time, it is forbidden to use irritating food and fish food, and also avoid eating some spicy and irritating food, understand After these contents, patients pay more attention to their diet, which is also conducive to the recovery of the disease.