Light encounter: Halloween super full Easter eggs, 11 new ways to play, see if you missed it

Light encounter: Halloween super full Easter eggs, 11 new ways to play, see if you missed it


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After the Halloween update, a lot of easter eggs appeared, and many friends left messages, hoping to see a summary of the strategy. This way, when you experience the game, you don’t have to worry about missing it. After all-round observation, Ayao found 11 easter eggs, let’s see if you missed it!

Map gameplay (four items)

As soon as the player enters the map, they will see several patrolling dragons in the air, one of which is huge, and a seat button will appear after approaching. It is the first Easter egg, which A Yao calls “Pippi Shrimp Cable Car”. The second item is the broom floating on the top after entering the map. It also has the riding function, but it cannot control the direction and angle. The third item is to pet the cat, and you will get height, props, and Pippi cat magic. The fourth item is the cylinder on the wall, which will erupt when lit, shooting out bullets of light.

Pippi cat magic egg (two items)

Pippi cat magic can not only be used by itself, but when approaching other players, a scary action button will appear in the air, and the click will be transmitted to the opponent.

Of course, this is just one of the ways to play, there is a connection between magic and magic. For example, when a player uses a shadow candle in cat form, as long as the position is suitable, the passing children of light will be passed. In other words, when Halloween is over, players can still make magic permanent in a loop.

Candlelight and Chen Xinghan Easter Eggs (three items)

The first candlelight egg is a large central boiler, which automatically produces candlelight, and players can stand on it and hang up. It is said that the big boiler and the grilled eel do not conflict, and they can be sorted in order to maximize the reward candle. In addition, inside the cave that closed Xiao Chen, there was also a Pippi cat, surrounded by various candles, and there should be two large candles. Interested friends, you can go shopping in the cave.

Map Magic (two items)

There are two types of map magic, the former is the garbage produced by the boiler, and it will get different costumes when it is lit. The latter is in the cave on the left side of the map. After entering, you will find a bunch of crabs. One of them is locked in a cage, and when you click the button on the head, you will see “Dragon Repellent”. If one day the ancestors of the tomb are re-engraved, the magic’s usefulness will be reflected. The above is about the Easter eggs for the Halloween event. Do you know any other ways to play?

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