Life|Chunxi Road, a local cultural hot pot in Chengdu, has upgraded its brand power and radiated three types of stores

“The two guests, put it up.” Amidst the loud laughter, a loud Chengdu dialect sounded, and the two diners were greeted by the waiter to be seated in the store, with red lanterns, hand-painted door gods, blue brick walls and wooden tables and chairs…

In the Xiaolongkan global flagship store at the crossroads of Tailili business district of Chunxi Road, waiters carrying dishes shuttle back and forth between the tables. At each time period, they will carry snacks with different characteristics. With the sound of Chengdu dialect The characteristic time signal sounded, and the diners tasted the fresh and tender ingredients with great interest, leaving a string of beautiful memories on the tip of their tongues.

“Now I basically only dare to go to Chunxi Road to eat at three or four in the morning every day, and sometimes I have to queue up.” For a fresh and tender hairy belly and goose intestines, diners often spend hours queuing up to this restaurant in Xiaolongkan. Wang Lichao, 26, who works for a nearby group company, mentioned when talking about his story with Xiao Longkan.

In order to increase the local cultural characteristics of Chengdu, present a more flamboyant atmosphere to diners, and let diners experience the local culture of Chengdu in an immersive manner, Xiaolongkan’s upgrade this time mainly focuses on two directions: First, through the transformation of soft decoration, creating The scene of “Chengdu Hot Party”; the second is to create a characteristic “Chengdu Twelve Hours” service, formulate time-based menus and 24-hour timekeeping special activities.

On October 21, Xiaolongkan’s original Chunxi concept store was upgraded and opened, positioning Xiaolongkan as the global flagship store. So far, Xiaolongkan’s third-generation store has made a new appearance.

On the opening day, the entrance of the Xiaolongkan flagship store was full of people, and the phenomenon-level queuing scene in the hot pot industry reappeared. The waiting diners did not show anxiety on their faces, but were excited to feel the Chengdu Gaiwan tea, snacks, and the theme of the joint name with Pepsi. Store series. According to statistics, from the 21st to the 23rd, during the opening of the store and the eighth anniversary of Xiaolongkan, 24,554 people came to the store in the Chengdu area of ​​Xiaolongkan, and the Douyin/Dianping anniversary package sold 20,237 copies.

In order to break the aesthetic fatigue of the diners, Xiaolongkan also ingeniously cooperated with the golden shovel to launch five black dishes, namely, black gold glutinous rice skin, black gold shrimp slip, black gold fish beancurd, black gold fried rice, and black gold crispy meat. All over the Internet, occupying the homepage of young people’s social circle. The black gold series products make hot pot a social symbol for young people.

According to reports, the innovation of the business model and the establishment of stores are also the strong support for Xiaolongkan’s operation. The three models of joint venture trusteeship, standard store 2.0 and community store have been jointly developed and run out of data. The decoration of its standard store 2.0 retains the western Sichuan culture, and at the same time highlights the trendy and youthful style in the soft clothing, and the store design is also combined with local characteristics, giving each store a different meaning.

It is worth noting that the Xiaolongkan community store is based on the urban community, just like a hot pot “good neighbor”, customers can eat delicious hot pot within 500 meters of walking downstairs from their home.

According to reports, the community store creates an atmosphere of hot pot culture in the market, which is a sub-scenario solution under the “Xiaolongkan+” Internet, providing a new business model for catering business partners. “The building area is 150-200 square meters, The cost of building a store is about 500,000 yuan, and the opening and operation of a store can be completed in as little as 35 days.”

The reporter learned that, in addition to the cost and speed advantages, the community store operators under Xiaolongkan can also choose to operate by themselves or entrust it to the headquarters for custody operation.

Xiaolongkan, who has 8 years of experience in chain operation and management, can provide long-term guarantee for partners. “We provide preferential conditions for the top 50 signatories in Sichuan, exempting all franchise fees and management fees, and hope to work together with our partners to overcome the difficulties together.”

Huaxi Community Media reporter Yang Chunmei and Zhang Ru

Photo courtesy: Xiaolongkan