Liaoning made a mistake on the sideline in the last 4.9 seconds to ruin the game, but no fouls were committed

Cong Mingchen

  Beijing time on October 27th, in the 8th round of the 2022-2023 CBA regular season, the Suzhou Kendia team narrowly defeated the Liaoning team 91-90.

  In the last 4.9 seconds of the fourth quarter, the Liaoning team trailed 90-91 but had the ball. Both teams called a timeout for the final arrangement.

  Cong Mingchen stood outside the court and was about to send a sideline kick, but the Kenyan team was very well-marked, and seeing that it would take 5 seconds to violate the rule, Cong Mingchen had to signal the referee to request another timeout.

  When he came back from the timeout, it was still Cong Mingchen who sent the sideline ball. The height and speed of his serve were not enough, and the direction of the ball was guessed right. The ball was directly intercepted by the opponent. The Liaoning team lost by 1 point.

  The “worldwide problem” of the sideline reappeared, and Liaoning head coach Yang Ming had no choice but to shake hands with Li Nan with a wry smile.

  (Do not forget the original intention)

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