Li wants to question Ji Krypton 009, afraid of the new car-making forces?

On October 25th, Jikr Auto released the latest official interior pictures of its luxury MPV Jikr 009, and announced that the car will be officially released on November 1st.

But it is worth noting that on the day when the interior drawing of Jikr 009 was released, the industry seemed to pay more attention to this “splitting shout” between Li Xiang, CEO of Ideal Auto, and Yang Xueliang, Vice President of Geely Automobile Group, rather than the product itself. .

At that time, Li Xiang questioned the space in the third row of Ji Krypton 009: he first joked, “How do you feel that you are squatting in the trunk, the three rows of seats seem to be gone.” Then he argued in many ways, “I am sure that the third row is impossible. Sit for an adult.” and state that he’s starting from an amateur product manager’s point of view.

Although the incident ended with Li Xiang deleting the relevant Weibo and the ideal public relations department apologized to Ji Krypton, the discussion on the matter did not end. Even though Li Xiang deliberately stated that he was analyzing Ji Krypton 009 from the standpoint of a product manager, the identity of the founder of his ideal car is too dazzling, and it is hard not to let people imagine.

Especially after Yang Xueliang reposted the comments of Weibo netizens and said that he would not say that the 009 is “the best car within a few million”, the smell of gunpowder between the ideal and the extreme krypton is even heavier. After all, Li Xiang had previously declared that the Ideal L9 was “the best family SUV within 5 million yuan”, and set the standard for the Rolls-Royce Cullinan.

Image source: Screenshot of Yang Xueliang’s Weibo

Ideal panic?

Regarding the reason for Li Xiang’s public speech to Ji Krypton 009 this time, there is a view that Ji Krypton 009 coincides with the ideal L9 product in terms of positioning and main scenes.

According to the official introduction, Ji Krypton 009 will take into account the needs of business and home travel, including providing a conference mode and supporting SWITCH game console access. In the business scene, Ji Krypton 009 has created a “Flexible Space” for both business work/leisure and entertainment for the second and third rows, equipped with a 15.6-inch central ceiling screen and “meeting mode”; travel with the whole family In the scene of 2019, JK 009 creates a more spacious “paradise” for children, which is similar to the concept of “creating the ultimate experience for family travel”, which is the main concept of Ideal L9.

In comparison, as an SUV built for families, the ideal L9 body dimensions are: 5218mm long, 1998mm wide, 1800mm high, and 3105mm wheelbase. All seats are electrically adjustable and come standard with seats. Heating function, and the use of 3D comfort sponge and Nappa leather. In addition, the Ideal L9 also provides a car refrigerator in the rear row, equipped with an independent compressor to provide exclusive refrigeration and heat preservation functions, and can accurately set the temperature.

It is also worth noting that the ideal L9 second row right seat is equipped with a four-way electric adjustable leg rest and a well-designed small table board, which is also achieved by the extreme krypton 009. According to public information, the second row of JK 009 has wide leather armrests, and is equipped with cup holders, contoured seat adjustment buttons that can be operated blindly, and delicate leather table tops.

In other words, in the family travel scenario, JK 009 almost has product features that are very similar to the ideal L9, and JK 009 also adds a more competitive business office scene. This is an unavoidable competitor for the ideal L9, which has been on the market soon.

It is worth noting that the data shows that in the sales volume of Lili in September, Lili L9 delivered 10,123 units in the first full month, a remarkable achievement. Perhaps we can think that the “good show” of the ideal L9 has just begun, and the ideal does not want it to retire from the stage so quickly.

The pursuit of traditional car companies

In fact, the ideal “worry” is also the common anxiety of the new car manufacturers.

With the rapid development of new energy vehicles, the new car-making forces that entered the game one step ahead are in a blue ocean and enjoy the benefits of the industry. However, traditional car companies are also slowly turning around, and their new energy vehicle brands are rapidly chasing, vying to seize the market with new car manufacturers, which is a self-evident threat to the latter.

According to the data, in September 2022, Li Auto delivered 11,531 new cars, a year-on-year increase of 62.55% and a month-on-month increase of 152.26%; NIO delivered 10,878 new cars in September, a year-on-year increase of 2.35% and a month-on-month increase of 2%; Xiaopeng Motors in September Delivered 8,468 vehicles, a year-on-year decrease of 18.7% and a month-on-month decrease of 1,110 vehicles.

Among the three auto companies mentioned above, only the ideal car saw a significant increase month-on-month and year-on-year, while NIO and Xpeng Motors were both unsatisfactory.

Relatively speaking, the delivery volume of new energy vehicle brands under traditional car companies was stronger in September.

As a new sub-brand launched by traditional car manufacturers focusing on the field of new energy vehicles, AITO is the cooperative brand of Chongqing Xiaokang (now renamed Celis) and Huawei’s smart terminal business; Aian is a sub-brand of GAC Group; Jikr is Geely Sub-brands under the holding company.

Take Aian Automobile as an example. In September, the delivery volume of Aian Automobile exceeded 30,000 vehicles for the first time, reaching 30,016 vehicles, an increase of 121% year-on-year and an increase of 11.1% month-on-month. From January to September this year, the cumulative delivery volume of Aian has reached 182,000 units, a year-on-year increase of 132%, ranking first in the month of new car-making forces.

During the same period, Jikr delivered 8,276 vehicles in September with a single model, Jikr 001, a month-on-month increase of 15.5%, setting a new monthly delivery record for three consecutive months. Since the start of delivery, Jikr 001 has delivered a total of 45,481 units. In addition, the AITO brand Wenjie series delivered 10,142 new vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 598%, and the delivery volume exceeded 10,000 vehicles for two consecutive months.

Obviously, whether it is the delivery volume or the year-on-year growth rate, the new energy vehicle brands under the traditional car companies are violently impacting the camp of new car manufacturers, and even gradually penetrated into the top three in terms of delivery volume.