Li Nan summed up the defeat: the players think too easily and the team has an injury

  On October 29th, Beijing time, in the ninth round of the CBA regular season, Suzhou Kendia lost 89-104 to Shanxi. After the game, Kendia coach Li Nan attended the post-match press conference to summarize the reasons for the loss.

  Li Nan said: “When preparing today, the players thought of the game too simply. After winning streak, everyone thought it was easier to see the game more or less. And our team has recently suffered some injuries, including Our little foreign aid had some sprained ankles in the last game. The first stage of the game is over, and we hope to make a good summary of the offseason, analyze the game carefully, and play the remaining games well.”

  Suzhou Kendia achieved an excellent record of 6 wins and 3 losses in the first stage, and the number of wins has exceeded last season.

  (Xu Chu)

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