Li Nan: Shanxi has more scoring points and more experienced players, we couldn’t resist

  Beijing time on October 30th, in the ninth round of the CBA regular season, the Suzhou Kendia team lost 89-104 to Shanxi, ending their 4-game winning streak.

  After the game, Kendia coach Li Nan said frankly that the team’s winning streak a while ago made the players take the game a little easier.

  Li Nan summed up the game and said: “When preparing, I felt that the players thought the game was a bit simple. After the winning streak, everyone thought the game more or less easier.”

  In addition, Li Nan also revealed that the small foreign aid Blakeney has some sprained feet, and there have been some injuries in the team recently.

  Specific to this game, Li Nan said: “Our offense in the second and third quarters was very poor, there were too many mistakes, and the whole third quarter lost too many counterattacks. The Shanxi team scored many points and the players were experienced. , We did a very poor defense in the third and fourth quarters and failed to withstand the opponent’s offensive.”

  ”The first stage of the game is over. I hope I can go back through the offseason to make a good summary, analyze the game carefully, and play the next game well.”

  (Do not forget the original intention)

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