Li Nan: I am very happy to be able to beat Liaoning, the more the team wins, the more confident they are

  Beijing time on October 27th, in the 8th round of the 2022-2023 CBA regular season, the Suzhou Kendia team narrowly defeated the Liaoning team 91-90. After the game, Li Nan, head coach of Kenya, said that he was very happy to win the Liaoning team, and introduced the team’s final arrangements in detail.

  ”First of all, to win the defending championship, our entire team is very happy, very happy, everyone has fought fiercely every game this season. We know that the Liaoning team is very tenacious even if Guo Ailun is not there. And there are a lot of players from the national team. As for us, we are well prepared before the game. During the whole game, I think our players are very hardworking. We also say the same thing in the lounge, and hope that the players can be more Going to learn from the championship team, how can we enrich our experience in this game, improve our ability, and make our team more confident. There is still one game in the first stage, we can’t do anything because of this game , I hope there will be a good ending. In the end, injuries will come one after another, and how to solve this problem is what we need to face later.”

  The Kenyan team has made rapid progress this season, and many people are curious about how to do it. Li Nan said: “We have two foreign players to join, and our small foreign players, including big foreign players, our offense is the whole league. First, the rebounding and defense of the big foreign players are also very good. In addition, we put a lot of requirements on defense when preparing for the summer, and we also put a lot of effort into defense to further improve the requirements. I hope everyone can perform their duties on the court. , Do a good job of defense first. In the past, our problems were always good defense, but the offense could not solve the problem. Now that foreign aid comes, the entire offense can be slightly changed, but our defense and rebounding have a difference this season. Obvious improvement. The other thing is to keep winning. After all, our team still has a lot of young players, so they will play more and more confidently, so the whole team will get better and better.

  Finally, Li Nan introduced the arrangement at the last moment in detail. “The Liaoning team made the first timeout. Actually, I wanted to see their placement, because we knew that in the last attack, we were ahead by 1 point in 4.9 seconds. This goal may be two points, three points, or a goal. Inside, I think the possibility of entering the inside is high, but first look at his placement. In addition, we require that on the outside defense, you have to grab it yourself, don’t make substitutions easily, especially the last key player, definitely this The ball is in the hands of Fogg or Jiwei. Then we have the ball from the sideline, Wu Yujia took Jiwei to the bottom line for the last ball, and the first air cut was stopped. After that, he turned around, and I followed him. It is said that you have to look left and right. In fact, our players know how to defend at the end. Then the main thing is that everyone feels very desperate, and they are more focused at the end. I think this is very important, and there is no relaxation or anything. I think this is very important important.”

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