Li Junqi, Chairman of Fii: Four Models Help the Manufacturing Industry Achieve Digital Transformation

Cover reporter Meng Mei Yili

From October 28th to 29th, the “2022 China Real Economy Forum” was held in Suzhou, Jiangsu. At the theme forum “Intelligent Transformation and Digital Transformation of the Real Economy”, Li Junqi, Chairman of Fulian Industrial, shared his views on helping the manufacturing industry achieve digital transformation. of four modes.

Li Junqi said that according to the China Digital Economy Development Report released by the Academy of Information and Communications Technology in 2022, the scale of my country’s digital economy has reached 45.5 trillion, accounting for about 39.8% of GDP, nearly 40%. The digital economy has become the stabilizer and accelerator.

How to digitally empower upstream and downstream enterprises, provide them with the results and models of digital transformation, and help them realize the transformation from manufacturing to service industry? Li Junqi shared the various models that Fii has explored: the first model provides services for large enterprises in the industry with overall smart factory solutions; the second model is mainly aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises. Since it is difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises to invest huge amounts of money to realize the transformation of the manufacturing industry like large enterprises, they can only provide standardized, modularized, and software-hardware integrated scene-based products according to the specific pain points of small and medium-sized enterprises; the third model is through professional The cloud platform allows upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain to access the cloud platform; the fourth model is to combine local characteristics to create a manufacturing ecology and provide a new industrial ecology.

“Relying on the core industries of the digital economy as support, and using digital technology for traditional industries, such as agriculture, industry, service industry, especially manufacturing, to promote the digital transformation of these traditional industries will provide huge growth space for traditional industries. This forms a digital governance system and realizes digital value, which will push our country into a new era of high-quality development of the digital economy.” Li Junqi said.