Li Chunjiang: Everyone made every effort to make a good ending and actively prepare for the second stage

  On October 29th, Beijing time, the Shanghai Men’s Basketball Team and the Beijing Enterprises Men’s Basketball Team started the final round of the first stage of the match. The two teams fought fiercely for four quarters. In the end, the Shanghai team defeated the opponent 105-98 and ended this stage with two consecutive victories. ‘s journey. After the game, Shanghai team head coach Li Chunjiang made a summary of the team’s performance in this game and the latest stage.

  ”I think everyone has worked hard on the whole defense today. Everyone is doing their best and fighting for this game. The players are proactive and perform very well.” Li Chunjiang said, “Because today is the first In the last game of the stage, the coaching staff and the players were anxious about the process from a bad start to suffering. The happiest thing is that the club gave us enough confidence, our coaching staff communicated actively with the players, and the players always It is gratifying to have not given up. So everyone has seen that we have worked hard in all aspects, and the old players have worked hard on the court. This is a standard we normally require. The first stage has a good ending, but The start was not particularly ideal, and after nine games, we went back to actively prepare for the second stage of the game, and strive to play the next game well.”

  In the first stage, the Shanghai team achieved a record of 3 wins and 6 losses, temporarily ranking 15th in the standings.

  (Shen Wei)

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